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Simple ways to speed up an old PC

The methods below are tested, safe, and very productive. Let’s dive in, shall we?

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If you want the best performance from your PC you will need the latest hardware and software. This is obvious, but also very expensive. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to any older PC and speed it up significantly enough even to play games with. The methods below are tested, safe, and very productive. Let’s reveal them right now.

Replace HDD with SSD

The first, most effective, and most appealing thing you can do is to replace your old HDD with an SSD. This refers to any solid-state drive you want. They come in sizes ranging from 64GB up to a few terabytes. Of course, for an average PC, you need at least 128GB if you do not play games. If you do, go for a bigger model. Even a 500GB SSD will cost you around $60 which is very affordable. Be free to get a second hand one if it is in working condition.

An SSD can boost the speed of your computer significantly but you need to know what to buy. Your PC will boot much faster and it will operate quicker as well. Make sure you know about the following facts. First, you must add a new SSD as a primary drive and reinstall Windows. You must install Windows OS on the primary drive, SSD in this case to get faster performance. You can use HDD as well, but for storing your data and installing large games if SSD capacity is too small.

Add RAM memory

motherboard with ram installed
Image: Joe Rice-Jones / KnowTechie

Adding RAM is the next best thing, after swapping the SSD. Your computer likely has 8GB of RAM or even 4GB. For today’s standards, this is too low. You need more. The best part here is that most PCs are delivered to new owners with an average amount of RAM the motherboard can support. In other words, if your PC comes with 8GB of RAM, you can add 8GB more.

RAM memory comes in modules and you can mix and match as much as you like. Just make sure that RAM modules are identical or they have the same operating speeds. You will need to check how many slots your motherboard has. Most have 4 slots and 2 or 1 are already occupied.

Overclock the components

This step refers to CPU and GPU. If done successfully, you will notice amazing improvement especially when gambling or gaming online. It means that your processor and the graphics card will work faster than they did. For instance, your processor may operate at 3 GHz speed. Overclocking will boost the speed to 3.5GHz. In general, you get better performance from the same components.

There are a few things to know here. You need to read the specifications provided by the manufacturer of that component so you know how much you can overclock it. This is done via official software or an aftermarket one. Always make sure that you have advanced cooling and replace the thermal paste on the processor before doing this. Investing in a more powerful fan is recommended.

Install a new Windows version

windows 10 and internet explorer
Image: Windows

This process is very important and it should be done on a regular basis. Of course, if you have already replaced HDD with SSD you will need to install Windows. But, if your computer is running really slow, you should do this regardless of the drive you are using. Installing Windows is a super simple task and it takes 30-50 minutes. Most of the time you are waiting for the PC to copy or install Windows. You actually have 10 simple steps to complete.

When Windows is installed, especially with a new SSD you will see a massive improvement. This happens because Windows slows down over time. There are a lot of unused files, software fragments and etc. that will simply occupy space and don’t do anything useful. Reinstallation solves this issue.

Optimize startup services

This is a software trick and it is extremely beneficial if your PC boots slowly and takes forever to start operating properly. It simply means that there is a lot of software that will start alongside Windows. Some are needed and mandatory, while others are simply irrelevant.

To do this, open the Run command on your PC and type ‘’msconfig’’. Run it and go to the startup section. Disable all the software you don’t need. For example, you need Windows services and antivirus. But, you don’t need Adobe apps or anything similar. This will make your computer boot faster and run slightly better but won’t have a side-effect on the overall usability.


As you were able to see, these are simple steps and processes that every PC user can complete. Just keep things slow and take your time. Once all tricks are used, even a Dual-Core PC will work significantly faster. In other words, you will transform your old PC that cannot be used for web browsing into a device that can be used for countless operations.

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