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Sinn Studio’s Swordsman VR should be the gift for gamers this holiday season

Give the gift of a whole new world this Christmas and slash your way through medieval earth to become the ultimate Swordsman.

Swordsman game over with a knight in black background
Image: Sinn Studios Inc

What’s Christmas without a new video game?

Most of us will remember tearing open a new console or game on Christmas day before inevitably taking over the living room for family festivities throughout the food and fun-filled day.

So many of our most cherished and formative gaming experiences — whether a new Sega, Xbox, Playstation, or Wii — have unfolded on Christmas day.

Unsurprisingly, we’re so excited to dive into a new world during the holiday season.

Considering how interlinked gaming, fantasy, and Christmas are — the same reason we love to watch films like Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings during the holidays.

But as VR technology continues to ramp up to give us some of the most cutting-edge, futuristic games we’ve ever seen, it’s the perfect time to give the gift of an immersive gaming experience like no other.

What is Swordsman VR?

Swordsman game play of fighting
Image: Sinn Studio Inc

Swordsman VR is the ultimate new medieval earth virtual reality game to immerse you into a totally unique fantasy setting.

The game sees you journey through a medieval world to stop the Jotunn — who has possessed captains from all over the world and acquired godly weapons to command powerful weapons — from seizing control. 

Along the way, you’ll need to acquire the right equipment and demonstrate top skills, meaning there are visits to the blacksmith, armorer, and skill master.

As the hero, it is your duty to take down swathes of armies of knights, Vikings, Mongols, Samurais, and pirates in eight different environments.

If you successfully defeat them, you’ll progress to a face-off against the sinister Jotunn, a battle that will determine the faith of humanity. No pressure.

What makes Swordsman different?

VR is an ever-evolving technology, player prediction algorithms make Swordsman VR the only VR game of its kind.

This is because players can expect highly realistic sword-play with complex opponents that can actually move and anticipate your next move, replicating how a real-life sword fight would play out.

While your character does feel powerful and skilled during combat, it offers a different level of realistic play through AI depth and intelligence combat that you won’t get anywhere else.

It’s a VR game that essentially doesn’t go easy on you.

The future of Swordsman

Swordsman game POV view if fighting
Image: Sinn Studio Inc

Swordsman is not only offering something different from many of the current VR combat games but is also already thinking about the future.

As well as already boasting 11+ major updates to make the game stronger and better, Swordsman continually listens to its players and community.

That means the game you play at Christmas will evolve and advance the longer you have it. 

After the Advanced Combat update, further updates include the Ranged Combat and Training Grounds Sandbox, which allows players to compete on the global leaderboard, complete challenges, and train with many different mechanics.

As for looking even further into the future, you can expect new weapon types, including polearms, wrist weapons, and fresh enemies to conquer.

And, when the much anticipated PlayStation VR 2 arrives in February 2023, you can expect Swordsman to be there on launch day.

This Christmas, believe the hype

Swordsman game play in snow fighting
Image: Sinn Studios Inc

The success of Swordsman under such a small team — developed and marketed by just the co-founders before going on to compete with companies and brands like Disney and The Walking Dead — is a testament to its sheer enjoyment factor.

It even earned a spot on PlayStation’s VR Top 10 Most Downloaded Games, ranking as high as number four in Europe and North America, and has achieved this almost every month since its launch in September 2020. 

Users can purchase the game on six continents, 65 plus counties, and four languages.

Give the gift of a whole new world this Christmas and slash your way through medieval earth to become the ultimate Swordsman. Find out more about Swordsman VR on the Sinn Studio website.

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