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Six AAA gaming studios to keep an eye on

From record-breaking launches to comprehensive AAA titles intertwined with cryptocurrency, this is just the beginning of what these studios will achieve.

gala games
Image: KnowTechie

As the world of crypto-based gaming has continuously expanded over the last few years, gaming studios have had larger budgets to turn towards creating breathtaking new titles.

From refining their older games with cutting-edge graphics or gameplay systems to pushing the boundaries of what blockchain gaming can do, we’ve seen a mass movement of developers to these innovative systems.

With over $3.3 billion generated by blockchain gaming in 2021, this is an exciting industry to keep up to date with.

With a huge range of projects currently being developed by different studios, we’ve decided to create a cheat sheet for you, detailing the top blockchain gaming studios you should keep an eye on this year.

We’ll be covering:

  • First Light Games
  • Myria
  • Gala Games
  • Project Quantum
  • BigTime
  • Encore Studios

Let’s get right into it.

First Light Games

First Light Games was founded back in 2019 by Anil Das-Gupta and Neil McFarland. Both leading developers and designers in the field, having worked on some of the world’s largest games between them, this studio hit the ground running. 

Between this duo, they’ve been integral to the development of titles like Monument Valley, Merge Dragons, World of Tanks, and CSR2; Neil’s work on Monument Valley even winning him a BAFTA award.

Since their explosive beginning in this field, they’ve grown First Light Games into an international pool of talent.

This studio brands itself as a ‘Game-play first studio’, always seeking to create games that they would actually want to play.

To help them along the right track and stay in tune with what their audience is looking for, they actively use both Twitter and Discord to hear from their community.

Part of their passion for gaming, combined with their ample knowledge of blockchain technology, is what sets this studio out from the crowd.

Their first game, Blast Royale, is a blockchain version of famous battle royale shooters, like PUBG and Fortnite.

By constructing a game that has a deep interconnection with their native cryptocurrency token, $BLST, this studio provides further incentives for gamers to play.

Alongside gaining experience and learning how to beat out other players to win, those that rank highly in a match will get $BLST tokens added to their account.

With these tokens, users can buy NFTs that they can equip, craft new items, and upgrade all of their favorite gear pieces.

This player-centered blockchain system demonstrates the central ideals of this studio, always attempting to put the player experience first.

A professional and dependable gaming studio with a star-studded cast of developers, this is definitely a gaming studio to keep an eye on over the next few months. 


Myria is a wonderful example of taking blockchain gaming and turning it into a whole ecosystem of fun. Instead of only having one or two titles available, Myria has six games, with even more in development.

While each game varies in objective and style, all of them are underpinned by the central Myria gaming architecture, this studio putting their mark on each title they release.

myria games
Image: Myria

One of the most interesting aspects of the playable ecosystem that Myria is releasing is that although each game is distinct, there are interconnected plots, recurring characters, and worldwide lore that creates a golden thread through everything.

Once you’re done playing in one world, you can hope right into another, finding commonalities and exciting easter eggs. 

Myria studios focuses on creating AAA blockchain-powered games that can fulfill a player’s desire, no matter what genre they’re looking for.

In each game style, players can earn $MYRA tokens, using these coins to buy rewards and NFTs in the global marketplace.

An additional element that makes Myria a gaming studio to watch is that they’re currently in the process of launching their own marketplace, decentralized exchange, and wallet, meaning that players can have an all-in-one blockchain experience.

This would allow Myria to bring new players on-chain with ease, bringing the world of blockchain gaming to everyone. 

Gala Games

Gala Games is an expansive gaming ecosystem, offering gameplay within everything from zombie fighting and PVP brawlers to a matching puzzle game.

As a fun-first gaming studio, Gala believes that blockchain should be invisible to players. They do this so that even players that are unfamiliar with how blockchain and P2E systems work can still enjoy their games to the max.

Once they want to learn, they’ll then discover that they’ve accrued an impressive portfolio of NFTs.

gala games
Image: KnowTechie

One of the reasons that Gala Games has gained so much attention over recent months is that it focuses on a community-ruled structure.

Emulating a decentralized autonomous organization, Gala affords its gamers a huge amount of power when it comes to deciding on the pathway that this organization will take.

For example, users are able to join their Discord community and then instantly get to vote within community polls.

Gala even takes this idea of community one step further, using player-run nodes from across the globe as their decentralized infrastructure.

With this, they’re able to effortlessly create a completely decentralized system, while also giving complete control to the players themselves.

With decentralization and community-led efforts at its core, Gala Games is one to follow closely over the next year.

Project Quantum

One of the biggest names in AAA blockchain gaming in 2021, the Project Quantum studio shows absolutely no signs of slowing down.

Built on Unreal Engine 5, this gaming system has incredible graphics with smooth movement that is reminiscent of some of modern gaming’s best titles. 

Based in a distant colony world, players must battle THE SCYTHE around this fallen planet, trying to piece together what happened.

From fighting against powerful monsters to battling other players to steal their equipment, this fast-paced game will have you on the edge of your seat. 

Using QBIT, a cryptocurrency that’s deeply integrated into this system, users are able to craft new in-game items and explore further into the world.

With auto-staking and the ability to trade with other players, this token provides a detailed in-game ecosystem that has real-world value.

Beyond this, what sets this studio apart is the fact that they’re actively developing a blockchain plugin for the Unreal Engine.

Once this is released, Project Quantum will have effectively brought every single gaming studio that uses this engine the ability to integrate blockchain into their titles.

This could be a radical moment in the future of crypto gaming, with Quantum heading the charge.

Big Time

Big Time Studios has spent years recruiting some of the largest names in gaming, hiring industry veterans from leading gaming companies like EA, Riot, Blizzard, and Epic Games.

With a team that’s contributed to titles like Call of Duty, Overwatch, God of War, and Fortnite, they aim to create groundbreaking work within the blockchain gaming community. 

Their first game, Big Time, is currently in early access and is pulling in a lot of user interest. This multiplayer action RPG allows you to team up with your friends and adventure through space and time.

From battling against futuristic civilizations to delving into ancient mysteries, history becomes your playground in this title.

Big Time incorporates NFTs throughout their gameplay, allowing users to uncover digital assets and sell them on the global exchange, or personalize their avatar with them.

Each NFT has unique benefits to the players, with Big Time creating an advanced system where the more a user plays, the more possibilities they unlock.

The sheer scope of this project is what makes it so impressive, with the vast map, scaling through both time and space to create a truly unique upcoming game.

If everything goes well with this first game’s launch, we’re likely to see an incredible few years from this talent-filled blockchain gaming studio. 

big time nfts
Image: Big Time

Encore Studios

Last but definitely not least, Encore Studios is a Canada-based video game studio that focuses on mixing art, movies, fashion, and music into all of its titles.

The very first launch by this studio, MixMob, is an all-encompassing experience, offering card racing, MMO, NFT trading, customization, and Mixbot breeding all in one.

This title rose into media attention when their first NFT sale sold out almost instantly on Magic Eden, with all 5,000 of the unique NFTs being distributed.

Led by Simon Vieira and Carina Kom, both of which have had years of experience within the world of triple A gaming, it’s no wonder this studio has gotten off to such a great start.

Focusing only on one of these two leaders, Vieira, his experience includes launching over 100 triple A games, including titles from companies like LEGO, Disney, Microsoft, EA, and more. 

Alongside customizing a character, the mask NFTs included within the game allow users to get access to exclusive channels, early access to future game modes, and show off their unique personality through a custom design element.

As Encore Studios continues to work on MixMob, with the full release being set for the first quarter of 2024, we’re likely to see even more exciting updates from this company. 

encore studios
Image: KnowTechie

Final Thoughts

As the implementation of an exciting new technology into the world of gaming, blockchain game titles represent an innovative field for seasoned developers to enter.

With this promise, more and more big names in the world of gaming are making the shift to blockchain studios.

The studios mentioned on this list represent some of the very best work currently being undertaken in this industry.

From record-breaking launches to comprehensive AAA titles intertwined with cryptocurrency, this is just the beginning of what these studios will achieve. We can’t wait to see what these companies do over the next year.

Have any thoughts on this? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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