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SKIINCore uses conductive yarn to make sure you stay warm during the cold weather

Because nothing sucks more than being cold.

Skiincore smart clothes
Image: SKIINCore

By now, everyone is beginning to realize our world is getting “smarter.” At least, the technology is.

It started with computers, then moved to mobile phones, and then even to most common items in our homes, like ovens, fridges, bolts and more. Now, even clothing garments are becoming smart.

SKIINCore, a new product featured on a newly launched Kickstarter campaign, is a smart base layer garment that is not only discreet, as base layers should be, but also provides warmth and comfort to its user up until eight hours (when used in the lowest setting), delivering 18 watts of heating power – all this with no wires.

Check it out:

Made with a conductive yarn, it features a small dock that is placed on the midsection so that the user barely feeling its there. It is also smart enough to automatically adjust the temperature, switching on and off as needed. SKIINCore is powered by machine learning, being able to better adjust to its wearer as time goes by – SKIINCore’s product manager Hin Fan explains:

It also features machine-learning capabilities, using an accelerometer, body temperature, and outside temperature so SKIINCore learns and automatically adapts to your ideal temperature over time across any range of activities. It is also designed to deliver heat only to the areas where you need it most and allows you to stay warm while maintaining your unique style. In short, SKIINCore provide users with the flexibility to layer, hide or wear their base layer loud and proud.

More info regarding SKIINCore garments

This product was designed and developed for the better part of three years, but it paid off. SKIINCore received the “Best New Wearable Technology Device award from IDTechEx and the “Product Innovation Award” from the Canadian Printable Electronics Symposium.

Another great feature of this garment is that it is 100% washable, even with washing machine. The aforementioned dock also features a USB-C outlet, which allows for it to be used as a power bank to charge other devices.

If you want to be comfortable even in cold weather, make sure to checkout SKIINCore’s Kickstarter campaign and pre-order the garments for a discounted price. Deliveries are estimated for September 2019.

What do you think of these smart wearables? Is this something that you would buy? Let us know in the comments.

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