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Slim Glow: Upgrade your bathroom with this advanced bidet attachment

It’s battery powered, so you don’t need an electrician to come and install it.

It looks like it’s finally happening: Americans are adding bidets to their bathrooms. For years it’s been a mystery. Bidets are proven to be much more sanitary and well, refreshing, and yet Americans still clung onto their paper for decades. But now, the market is growing, and it’s expected to continue growing 15% annually.

As one of those Americans who never made the switch, it’s understandable. Many households don’t have space or even funds to add this sort of thing in their home. Traditional bidets aren’t cheap, and it’s not easy to install either. Fortunately, we live in an age where you no longer need the space or a cushy income to add this luxury to your bathroom. Thanks to BioBidet, adding bidet functionality to is really quite easy and affordable.

BioBidet has introduced to the market the most advanced non-electric bidet attachment, and it’s called Slim Glow. It features a dual nozzle, a soothing blue night light and an incredibly simple DIY install that doesn’t require any calls to the plumber. Plus, it’s battery powered, so you don’t need an electrician either.

The campaign has blown through its funding goal over the last few weeks, just hitting over $100K and it makes sense: for the cost of 1-2 bulk packs of toilet paper, you can ditch it entirely. Slim Glow is available to pre-order starting at just $32.

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