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Sling TV – is it any good?

Do you own a Sling TV? Does your Sling TV keep buffering? Are you wondering if Sling TV is any good? You have come to the right place.

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Founded in 2015, Sling TV became the first live TV streaming service in America. Once you subscribe to Sling TV, you can watch a collection of on-demand and live TV shows on your computer or mobile device.

However, instead of using a cable or a satellite tv service, you stream the channels over the internet. Currently, the sling offers two tiers and these are the orange and the blue. Each package is unique and differentiated by channel selection and streaming limit. 

If you are looking to watch TV in the most economical way without a cable then you should definitely subscribe to sling tv. Starting from just $35 a month, you can watch your favorite channels such as CNN, Food Network, and BBC America, and what’s more, you can watch sling tv everywhere, anytime on almost all streaming devices. 

If you are experiencing Sling TV buffering, the problem could simply be a connectivity problem. Here are three major challenges that can occur with your sling tv and how you can fix them.

1. You Are Not Able to Login to Sling Tv

Having challenges login into your sling tv? This problem could arise if sling tv is down or when you put an incorrect password. To solve this issue, start by closing down the sling app completely and then reopen it and try to login using your correct password. If this does not solve the problem, you can try login in on a different device. 

2. Sling TV Is Down

One of the greatest challenges you can experience with Sling TV is when the Sling TV service is down for everyone or just for you. Always check the status page to see if there is any downtime reported and any other information concerning the outage.

You can also look for additional information on social media pages such as Twitter as this is where the company gives feedback regarding outage problems and any other issues. Their Twitter handle is @SlingAnswers and you can also call their customer care hotline number for professional support. 

3. Sling TV Keeps Buffering

Constant Sling TV buffering can be quite annoying especially when you want to catch up with a live event happening on tv. However, sling tv buffering problems can be fixed once you properly identify the problem. 

Start by rebooting the unit and the internet router as well. If the problem is not solved after a restart, you will need to check if your connection is fast enough. Ideally, you should have a constant speed of 3.0 megabits per second if you are streaming on a tablet or a mobile phone.

A constant speed of 5.0 megabits per second is required if you are using a single stream on a tv, personal computer, or Mac. For multiple devices ensure that you have a constant speed of 25 megabits per second to enjoy sling tv without buffering issues.

If your internet speed is well below the listed speeds, you may need to upgrade your WIFI to enjoy better streaming services. 

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