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Smart correspondence in the digital age

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The digital age has created quicker ways to talk, so the amount of paper correspondence continues to drop. According to USPS statistics, the volume of mail sent is reducing by 3 billion items every year, a nod towards the influence of digital communication methods. As a result, there’s an ever-increasing amount of people who simply don’t have the equipment to communicate the old-fashioned way, and a gap in technology to help that. However, the technology market has responded.

Home printing

Home printing is the clearest way for consumers to continue being able to have paper communication and to send letters once again. The business is starting to become more affordable too. Inkjet printer hardware and toner continue to experience price drops around the world in line with demand, and there are incentives coming too. USA Today highlights several larger companies looking to help people get back to printing and creating their own mail or creative art through the use of new tech and innovation. To get started, look for the simple steps of just using a printer.

The printing industry

For those without the resources at home, there is a massive industry growing online to provide printing through quick and easy access mail – chiefly for the purpose of labeling for return products and home business. This has been helped to no end by QR codes, which the University of California, Irvine, have highlighted as a really creative way to get messages across in a fast way, and can help to provide assurance as to the content and delivery of any message in the digital-to-physical medium.

3D printed products

Perhaps the ultimate way to create a physical message is through 3D printing. An increasingly common bit of technology that features in millions of homes today, the University of Tennessee Knoxville have noted how the easy-to-replicate technology could be an efficient way to send messages in a safe way. In a trusted network, where you are happy with the identity and intention of the other user, 3D printing can be an effective way to communicate.

It seems like a truly space-age way of communicating, but it is perhaps an effective one. Even as people scale back their ability to communicate with physical form, there are ways to help you if you need to relay a message. That’s true whether it’s the basic nature and affordability of home printing, or something more futuristic.

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