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Smart Kitchen Gadgets That Prove the Future Is Now

Smart home technology is changing the way we live and go about daily tasks in the household. Some of the most exciting changes affect the kitchen, which is transforming into is a new hub of domestic life, where people spend more and more time, cooking, hanging out, and relaxing.
Namely, in recent years, the Internet of Things (IoT) surge has produced a flood of Wi-Fi-enabled gadgets that upgrade almost every facet of the utilitarian space. Some of them look like tech marvels straight out of an SF blockbuster. So, it’s time to make the environment bow to your will and fulfill your desires.
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Amazon Dash

It has never been easier to shop and order groceries. With Amazon Dash, you can scan barcodes and manage a shared grocery list. It also accepts voice commands and places delivery orders for you, via Amazon Fresh, a local food delivery service. On top of it all, the Dash Wand collects items from your list. All these features save a ton of time on trips to the store. It is finally possible to always have fresh produce and work your culinary magic without a fuss.
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Kitchen monitors and alarms keep an eye on things you overlook or do not have time to deal with. This is the case with Kepler, a natural gas and carbon monoxide tracker with Wi-Fi connectivity. In a nutshell, it passes alerts in case there is a buildup originating from a leaky or unattended stove. In addition, it can work double-duty, as a kitchen timer. Setting a countdown is effortless and users are able to silence the alarm with a simple wave of the hand.
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Voice-activated digital assistants and kitchen hubs are a true blast. Ubi is one of the products certainly worth your attention. It is an Android-based assistant that is marketed as a “ubiquitous computer” capable of taking care of anything Internet-related, let us say finding a killer recipe. The cutting-edge tech behind Ubi uses various environmental sensors and it can be integrated with other smart systems like Nest and SmartThings.
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LG InstaView ThinQ

Smart fridges are becoming increasingly popular. LG is leading the way with InstaView ThinQ. It can literally talk with other LG appliances. Alexa is also built in, which means you get the benefits of having a digital assistant. Do not hesitate to hire professionals like Stove Doctor technicians if you struggle with the new technology.
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When it comes to smart cooking gadgets, Mellow stands out. It represents a remote device designed for sous-vide. The food is placed in a vacuum-sealed bag and cooked slowly in a water bath or steam, on lower temperatures. Moreover, Mellow can store food at refrigerator temperature until you are ready to start cooking. Best of all, this killer piece of tech is operated remotely, via a dedicated smartphone app.
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HydroPoint 360

HydroPoint uses advanced sensors that need to be added to a cold water line as well as under the sink. They closely monitor vibrations throughout the plumbing framework in order to identify the appliance or fixture that is being used. Accounting for the fact that they draw water differently and processing data via machine learning, HydroPoint optimizes your system. You can find leaks and similar problems and reduce the overall water waste and consumption.
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Nespresso Prodigio

This one is the embodiment of smart coffee making. Nespresso Prodigio allows users to schedule brewing and make cups remotely. So, yes, you can have the same perfect coffee waiting for you every morning. Also, you should have no trouble finding refills for the capsule system. In fact, you can reorder them via an integrated app. The taste is exceptional, to say the least. Why accept anything less than a prime quality beverage?

Play it smart

Even the most accomplished home chefs could use some tech greatness. The good news is that there is no shortage of amazing products and we are really spoilt for choice. So, do the homework and take your pick. Make your kitchen more functional and awesome: turn it into the heart and brain of your household.
You can work miracles even when your hands are covered in flour, mind distracted, or body present elsewhere. Elevate the cooking experience, make the most of family dinnertime, and immerse yourself in the high-tech environment of the future.

Tracey Clayton is a full time mom of three girls, passionate about marketing and everything tech related. Her motto is: “Live the life you love, love the life you live.”

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