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Smart texting features that make appointment confirmations a breeze

Developers have been working on projects with features that can make setting and confirming appointments via text not only an easy task but also, a breezy task too.

In a world dominated by text messaging, it is not a surprise that there is a great deal of misunderstanding going on between people. It does not even help that we are constantly busy, jumping from one appointment to the next with barely a break in between.

The stress of the modern life makes it harder and harder to stick to appointments which, when missed, costs both parties severely; since, again, we are busy people leading fast-paced, highly time-sensitive lives. With both of the above points taken into consideration, it becomes easy to identify some reasons as to why misunderstandings happen.

Text messages are usually at high risk of being missed; it isn’t uncommon for someone not to reply to an appointment date on a text. Then, there is the simple forgetfulness that is the bane of humanity’s existence.

Fortunately, however, these problems are not invincible. Application and software developers have been working on several projects with features that can make setting and confirming appointments via text not only an easy task but also, a breezy task too.

After some research, we came up with a list of the most efficient features that have the potential to make a change.

Automatic Calendar Synchronization

It is common among applications that offer scheduling solutions nowadays to have this one simple feature that helps a great deal in organizing appointments. The majority of smartphones are able to detect whenever a date is sent in a text message; the phone then automatically makes the dates clickable. It’s basically a hyperlink to the phone’s calendar where you can schedule an event. Just try texting anyone a date and you will immediately see the text either underlined or highlighted.

Some schedule management applications are capable of synchronizing their calendar with the phone’s existing calendar. This way, you will not have to enter an appointment on two separate platforms; thus, saving time. In addition, once the appointment is scheduled on your application of choice, it would be easy to manage it, send confirmations, and receive notifications about any status updates regarding your appointments.

The feature can also prove to be of help if you want to completely eliminate the risk of missing an appointment or double booking. All in all, using the auto calendar sync feature is a good way for you to ensure that you don’t miss your own appointments, save time and effort that would have otherwise been wasted on trying to manage appointments.

Automated Text Messages

Another feature which also guarantees simple and prompt confirmation from clients is automatic appointment confirmation text messages; keep in mind that the feature is available on e-mail, as well. What an application with the feature does is that, after setting an appointment, and before the agreed upon date, a confirmation text is sent out of your phone, to the other party.

The text is based on a template which serves two purposes: reminding the client and confirming with them. After that, all that the client is required to do is to respond with the appropriate text depending on what the template requires. Most apps only ask the client to type either “C” or “Confirm” for an affirmative response, or “R” or “Reschedule” for a negative one. The app then records the response, notifies you and takes a course of action. For confirmed appointments, no more text messages are sent to the client. On the other hand, texts that go over unanswered get re-sent to remind the client.

The feature is considered to be one of the most useful additions because of the aura of professionalism it conveys. It is important for clients that they feel valued, appreciated and that they are dealing with professionals. When such a message is sent out to a client, this is exactly what they feel. You will never miss an appointment or a conference call again.

Smart Confirmations

Technological advancement has enabled developers to get as creative as they want with their creation. This feature, primarily available in Weave’s appointment confirmation software, is actually partially dependent on the previously mentioned automated appointment confirmation text message.

Here is how it works:

The software sends out a text message, only this time, there is no specified response method. The client is free to respond with anything they want. Then, it is up to the system to detect the response text and identify whether it is affirmative or negative. It makes the appointment confirmation process more natural and personalized which adds a feeling of genuineness. The lack of response instructions tends to make messages seem less like a template. The client would be able to reply with anything from “Indubitably” to “Yeppers.”

Of course, after the client has responded, the software either notifies the user with the confirmation or sends out an alert with the cancellation or rescheduling requests. While the feature’s main mode of operation is not unique, what makes it remarkable is the idea of personalized text messages. In the cold tech-dominated world, a personal touch often makes a powerful impact with clients. In other words, a technique like this is capable of bettering how you handle appointments, as well as, your public relations.

Missing an appointment, especially these days, can be destructive to you, as well as, your clients. This is why people usually attempt to get confirmation beforehand. Unfortunately, the busier someone is, the harder it is to get a hold of them in a text. Thanks to technology we now have three amazing features to solve that issue. First, we mentioned a feature that acts as a personal aid to help you manage your own appointments and confirm with your clients.

As for the second and third items on the list, these are designed to make the process of getting confirmations for your appointments easier without wasting your time. They are designed to act automatically and provide their users with reports or notifications. Not to mention that they are cheap and simple, yet effective way to improve your relationship with your clients.

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