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Practical ways SMBs are using AI in 2018

With AI, businesses today can come up with advanced and smarter ways to find new customers.

artificial intelligence for businesses

In the modern business landscape, there are a lot of technologically advanced SMBs which have taken their solutions to a whole new level. From various CRM solutions, customer support automation, project management tools, to various other technological solutions, a lot of companies today rely on technology to grow and get ahead.

Still, being tech savvy in business gives you an endless advantage as there are always new technological solutions that can benefit your business. In the past couple of years, the technology of AI has emerged and stepped into the SMB business market. A lot of companies already use various AI solutions on a daily basis to help them be more productive and make more money.

This might sound like a sci-fi but this is our reality. AI helps SMBs on a daily basis. Here is how SMBs use AI today.

SMBs use AI for finding new customers

With AI, businesses today can come up with advanced and smarter ways to find new customers. The current data reliant business world leaves salespeople with large volumes of customer information and buyer behavior. It can be difficult for them to go through all of the data and analyze properly.

This is where AI comes into play. The software solutions for gathering so much data have been enhanced with AI technology which helps businesses find qualified leads among all of the data and make accurate predictions based on data analysis.

Marketers can also use this technology to build audiences and segment them based on future projections. They can create the buyer’s journeys that will give their customers the right experience. A lot of people think that AI removes the human touch, but in this case, AI helps improve it as marketers and sales teams get armed with valuable intelligence that can help them approach customers on a personal level.

AI helps improve customer support

Customer support is one of the areas where SMBs and large companies as well have been struggling overall. Juggling between quality, the number of customer support employees, and saving money has always been very difficult and, in every case, something has to be neglected in order to get the other two.

Today, a lot of companies implement AI-powered chatbots to take care of their customer support channels. Even free chatbots have the power to handle an unlimited number of customer inquiries at the same time. This is how companies can reduce their costs while taking care of a large volume of customer support issues.

AI chatbots have become so common that you can find chatbot platforms like SnatchBot where you can choose from various types of bots and even design free chatbots without any coding knowledge. Not only this, but AI-powered chatbots can also gather information about customer conversation, analyze it, and give you actionable data to improve your customer service. Free chatbots usually cannot do this but even paying for a chatbot is not a big investment.

AI improves security

Hackers and cybercriminals are already developing and using AI-powered malicious software and, at the same time, security experts have recognized the potential of AI for predicting as well as preventing attacks. Some of the most popular services currently used by companies, including antivirus software and VPNs, are services which have adopted AI.

AI security has a purpose to monitor the state of the whole system and look for abnormalities or strange processes. AI is constantly working and, unlike humans that can only periodically check the state of a system, AI is always on top of things. At the same time, AI cybersecurity systems can also take action to prevent attacks and quarantine malicious software very quickly.

AI can also learn from attempted attacks and previous actions to create a better security program in the future. All organizations that take security seriously are implementing AI security systems and, in turn, they get custom security systems that can be perfectly adjusted to their requirements.

AI and automation are going to eliminate some positions in the future but still, they are also going to create many jobs and allow employees to focus on more important tasks. For example, even though AI chatbots are widely adopted for customer support, they only take care of basic inquiries and direct customers to human agents when they have complex issues.

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