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Social crypto trading app NAGAX launches on Apple & Android phones 

To find experienced traders who regularly make a profit, users are encouraged to check out their NAGAX Feed in the mobile app.

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Image: Nagax

Social crypto trading on the go has just become a reality with the launch of the NAGAX application on Android and Apple smartphones.

NAGAX said users can download NAGAX Mobile from Google Play and the App Store now and access a wealth of social trading features at their fingertips. 

The NAGAX platform is the pioneer of social trading in the crypto markets. Social trading refers to the practice of observing other traders’ investment strategies so as to try and benefit from their success.

One of the primary tools enabling social trading in NAGAX is the NAGAX Feed, which is a Facebook-style newsfeed that’s laser-focused on trading news.

NAGAX Feed is the place for users to post anything relating to their trading strategy, share content, add friends and keep up to date on all the latest news and trends in crypto. It provides access to a constant stream of news updates as well as tips, strategies, and discussions. 

Another core feature of the app is  NAGAX Academy, which provides an additional way for users to enhance their knowledge.

This is an educational portal filled with hundreds of articles and videos that explain key aspects of the crypto economy, including GameFi, metaverse, and DeFi. 

Once users feel confident enough to begin trading they can access the NAGAX Wallet to buy and sell crypto and manage those assets.

Then, they can begin trading directly through the NAGAX Exchange tab, which provides access to more than 70 crypto trading pairs as well as other assets like stocks.

Within the exchange, there are various in-depth charts for users to explore price movements over the past hour, 24 hours, week, month, and even further back. 

The NAGAX Mobile app is free to download now and brings the company closer to its vision of providing a safe, accessible and advantageous trading environment for all traders. 

NAGAX said that while the mobile app lacks some of the more comprehensive capabilities found in its desktop app, it will address this in the coming weeks with further updates, including staking functionality.

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