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Software development trends

To keep up with the large market participants, it is important for IT contractors to master their expertise in AI, VR, AR, MR, the IoT, and programming languages.

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Prediction of the software development future is a comprehensive task. However, those who try to catch the moment can make huge progress in any business sphere. New technologies garner the attention of people, attract them, and convert into loyal clients. Therefore, we have examined the main trends in software development, which will be relevant in the nearest future.

1) VR, AR, and MR

In 2020, new gadgets supporting VR, AR, and MR will be released. For instance, the release of more powerful smartphones with new processors, folding screens, strong sensors, and 5G support will create a lot of work for Beetroot software developers. In the coming years, a new category of AR products will enter the market.

VR/MR/AR will be more often used in manufacturing, healthcare, and education. Such solutions will allow specialists to release new conceptual applications and games. The technical improvement of gadgets will make the user experience more realistic. Therefore, it will become especially interesting for business, which will solve its specific problems through augmented and mixed realities.

2) Artificial intelligence

In 2020, AI may be used in the creation of apps for business. According to the forecasts, 90% of new business apps will use AI by 2025. The programmers will continue to create the “model zoo” of neural networks, which allows developing commercial software using AI.

The AI progress will ensure the maximum automation of communications between customers and businesses. Simple chat-bots will be displaced by the AI chat-bots with a voice menu. However, neural networks will penetrate not only in business but also in other areas of life.

3) Python

This programming language is gradually conquering the world. The programming ranking service TIOBE gave it the third place among the top alternatives after Java and C. In 2019, Github published a ranking of languages ​​by the number of source codes posted during the year. The top-10 was the following:

  • JavaScript;
  • Java;
  • Python;
  • PHP;
  • C ++;
  • C #;
  • TypeScript;
  • Shell;
  • C;
  • Ruby.

These languages ​​will remain in demand in the following years.

4) More projects integration

The previous year clearly showed that the programs are created by joint efforts. Today, searching for contractors around the world is becoming easier. Any new project, as a rule, is integrated and connected with existing projects. At the same time, integrations become more technically complicated, because software development is not only about the ability to write code, but also the ability to negotiate with the owners of other projects.

5) Internet of Things (IoT)

“In the future, every device, clothing, and the household appliance will have an IP-v6 address and interact with each other,” said Sebastian Thrun, a professor of computer science at Stanford. According to the study, 85% of companies in the world have at least one business project in this area.

The IoT industry continues to develop because of cloud technologies improvement and the Internet. By 2021, the number of projects in the world IoT market will increase to 94%, while the global investments in IoT will be about $1.4 trillion.

6) Cybersecurity

According to the forecasts of Research and Markets, the 5G market will triple by 2025. New solutions require special security protection tools. Weak hardware and software protection and the dangers that arise in the production-supply-deployment cycle make 5G networks especially vulnerable.

Moreover, with the advancement of the IoT, systems connected to the network will control facilities of various sizes, including nuclear power plants. Thus, organizations that do not have powerful cybersecurity, but which store valuable data can become the potential target for criminals.

In Conclusion

To keep up with the large market participants, it is important for IT contractors to master their expertise in AI, VR, AR, MR, the IoT, and programming languages. The relations of outsourcing and business will be more focused on improving the quality of service and on the value of commercial offers, rather than reducing costs. Clients will be able to create teams of developers from different countries, so the competition will only increase.

So, follow the latest trends and news of the industry and become the next trend-setter! Good luck!

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