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Software platforms of the biggest gambling portals

We take a look at the top Canadian casino ranking portals and review the different platforms they use.

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The Canadian online gaming industry continues to expand with every passing year as more online casinos enter the market and fight for market share. Canadian players are spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing an online casino because there are just so many options available.

Canadian players are often in two minds when it comes to choosing the right online casino for them. This is where casino ranking portals in Canada come to the rescue. These top-ranking portals have a team of researchers who spend long hours reviewing these casinos and shortlisting only the best online casinos for Canadian players.

We take a look at the top Canadian casino ranking portals and review the different platforms they use.


The word Guru means a master or someone who guides you and that is what Casino Guru tries to do with the Canadian market.

The framework for this site is Java Enterprise Edition (EE) and they use multiple HREF languages to provide Spanish, German, Russian, and English. The content delivery network currently being used here is the CacheFly CDN while they have also used GStatic Google StaticContent in the past. Their verified CDN also includes Amazon S3 CDN and Amazon CloudFront.

When it comes to their mobile platforms, they have used Mobile Non-Scalable Content, iPhone/ Mobile Compatible and currently use Viewport Meta. They use DoubleClick.Net for their advertising and use Amazon SSL and SSL by Default for their encryption services.

For their web servers, they have used Apache in the past and are now currently using Apache Tomcat Coyote.

Some of the biggest grizzly bears in the world are found in Canada and that is the name science behind Grizzly Gambling.

Grizzly Gambling has relied on PHP to develop its website. This casino review portal uses the Apache Web server and Liquid Web as its hosting provider. When it comes to javascript frameworks it uses RequireJS and basket.js. While most of the gaming portals tend to use Google Analytics, Grizzly has relied on W3Counter, TrackJs, and Clicky for getting data.

The casino review site is active on social media and uses a number of widgets including Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and OWL Carousel. The web framework being used here is Yii.

This casino review portal is arguably the number one online casino portal in Canada because it has so much to offer. You will find a list of special bonus offers and the best casinos available online in Canada to play.

The framework for this review site has been designed using Classic ASP and as the programming language. When it comes to the content delivery network, the site is currently relying on a CDN JS and has also used a StackPath BoostrapCDN and GStatic Google StaticContent in the past.

They use Viewport Meta for their mobile site and also rely on Google Analytics to monitor their traffic and make adjustments to their marketing strategy accordingly. They use SSL encryption by default and use IIS as their web server.

This casino review website provides detailed information on all of the casinos catering to the Canadian market.

AskGamblers is another casino review site that has been developed using PHP. It has also used the GlobalSign Domain Verification in the past. When it comes to its content delivery network platform it has used Cloudfare in the past and is now currently using GStatic Google Static Content.

AskGamblers does get a lot of mobile traffic and is constantly updating its mobile platforms to give readers the best experience possible. Some of the mobile platforms being used include iPhone/Mobile Compatible; Apple Mobile Web App Capable; Viewport Meta; Mobile Non-Scalable Content and Apple Mobile Web Clips Icon.

AskGamblers also uses a number of different widgets to give readers more options. Some of the widgets being used include Hello Bar, Live Chat, Google Tag Manager, Google Font API, Sitelinks Search Box, reCAPTCHA, YouTube IFrame Upload and Have I Been Pwned.

The review site is also very big on the analytics front and uses a number of different trackers. Some of these include Google Conversion Linker, Google Conversion Tracker, DoubleClick Floodlight, Google Analytics, Google Optimize 360, and Hotjar.

When it comes to Libraries and Functions, this casino review site uses a wide range of them. Some of these include Raven JS, Polyglot.js, zepot.js, Moment JS, Enquire JS, Magnific Popup, jQuery, Facebook for Websites, and Sentry.

The webserver used here is nginx and the operating system and server being deployed is IPv6.


The final Canadian casino review portal that we would like to look at uses the tagline ‘The Best Online Casinos in Canada’. There are many Canadian casinos and review sites that use WordPress. Why. Because it is free.

This casino review site is one of those sites that rely on WordPress for its Content Management System. When it comes to its Content Delivery Network, the site has used StackPath BootstrapCDN in the past and now relies on Cloudflare.

A number of different providers have been tested and used for their libraries and functions. Some of these include Facebook for Websites, Facebook SDK, Ulkit, and jQuery. For its mobile site, it relies on iPhone /Mobile Compatible and Viewport Meta.

This review site also uses a number of plugins including Facebook Sharer, WordPress, Google Font API, ShareThis, Font Awesome, and Simple Share Buttons Adder. When it comes to encryption, NBSO has used SSL by Default and Cloudfare SSL.

One thing we can see in common from all these review sites is that they continue to experiment with different software and technology as they trial and test to see what works best for them and their readers.

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