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Some of the benefits of online shopping

Considering all these benefits and payment facilities, it seems that online shopping will remain in our lives in the future.

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Online shopping has become the world’s main shopping destination in recent years. And people’s interest in this kind of shopping is growing rapidly. Actually, the reason for this is obvious. The opportunity to shop from all over the world touching only a button in the comfort of your home.  Ease of getting the product you want at your door with a few clicks. Isn’t it great?

No wonder online shopping enthusiasts are increasing day by day. As the age we live in, is an increasingly developing age in the field of digitalization, online shopping is also considered a part of this digitalization. The interesting fact is that people of all age categories, young or old, prefer it. It’s a common point between generations.

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The Impact Of Covid19 Pandemic On Online Shopping

Online shopping became the only option for many people, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic that affected the whole world. Almost everything from food and cleaning products to clothes, from school shopping to gift orders is online.

This trend seems to continue after the pandemic too. Many companies have begun adjusting to offer online sales to their customers. In this way, those who could sell online during quarantine periods when their workplaces were closed could survive.

Advantages of online shopping

There are, of course, some reasons for the high number of people who choose to shop online. Some of those:

  • Since it is easier to compare prices online, you can make the best choice for your budget
  • The product you order in the comfort of your home comes to your door. Thus, you can avoid walking around many shops. This is one of the best options, especially for busy people. Online shopping, is also a great convenience for people with physical disabilities
  • As an advantage from online shopping, you will be notified by e-mail at times of coupons or discounts from your registered accounts. Thus, you will have the opportunity to benefit from advantageous and affordable shopping
  • It’s also easy to return a product that you don’t like or doesn’t suit you after online shopping. Instead of going a long way again, especially for shopping from a remote location, you can easily return the package to your nearest post office

Payment options in online shopping

Although it varies according to the country you will shop from, the most used payment options:

Master Card / Visa

A payment option that is valid almost everywhere is the option with a credit card. It is the most used form of payment in America, Canada, Mexico, Korea, China, European countries, and many countries around the world.


Paypal, which is accepted in many countries of the world, is an extremely simple payment option. Alipay is also used a lot in America and China.

Bank transfer

Although it is less preferred than other options, many people want to pay by bank transfer. For this, you need a valid IBAN.

Bill payment

In many European countries and some countries of the world, you have the opportunity to pay when you receive the invoice. This payment method, which you can easily make even from ATMs, is among the most used.

Cash on Delivery

Cash payment is one of the most preferred methods, especially in India, Romania, and Russia.


Although payment with cryptocurrency is not very common yet, it is a method of payment that is increasing day by day.


Europe-based Paymill provides secure payments with debit cards, credit cards, and pre-paid cards


America-based mbill is also a widely used payment method.

Top 10 online sellers worldwide

These companies are the ones that make the most sales and make the biggest gain in the world:

  • Amazon
  • Alibaba
  • Rakuten
  • eBay
  • Wayfair
  • Zalando
  • Coupang
  • Chewy

Most online shopping countries in the world

When we search which country in the world is in the first place, we see that South Korea ranks first in online shopping. China is a also country where there is a lot of online shopping.

In Europe, it has been determined that most Swedish people shop online. Germany ranks second.

In America, another big country in the world, the online shopping rate is low because it is found more expensive than other countries. It is especially expensive to do grocery shopping online in America.

Considering all these benefits and payment facilities, it seems that online shopping will remain in our lives in the future. Digital sales, which accelerated during the pandemic period, will be developed in the future to be prepared for such troublesome situations.

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