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Some of the best ways to sell or trade in your iPhone

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Are you tired of using the same old iPhone and want some change now? Well, you should then definitely opt for selling or trading your iPhone for another model because that’s the wiser thing to do right now. You see, we all know the fact that iPhones are pretty expensive and even if you trade or sell your phone for another one, you’ll get some good money in return.

Let’s say you have an iPhone 7 at the moment but you badly want to get your hands on the new iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus. Now in such a situation, you would love the idea of someone coming up to you and trading the phones but no that’s not possible because you’ll have to do all the trading and selling yourself.

Don’t Waste Your Time

Make a quick decision and don’t wait or think too much because the older your phone gets, the lesser the worth will be. So, if you have an iPhone 7 at the moment then sale it right now. Especially if you are someone with a backup phone then don’t even give this all a second thought and rush to any store or website to sale your phone. Remember, the clock is ticking fast!

Before You Sell

Before trading or selling your phone, there are a few things that you need to do for the security of your data;

Create a backup

Never just hit the delete button or the factory data reset button without creating a backup for your important data. Use the Apple iCloud service or any other third party cloud provider but do create a backup of all your contacts, pictures and messages.

Wipe It

Don’t forget to sign out all of the applications and accounts that you are connected to. Moreover, after signing out, go to the settings of your phone and hit the “Reset all settings” button so that nothing stays on your phone.

Just make sure that your phone is in a tip-top condition because the better your phone looks and works, the more money you get after selling it. Moreover, if your phone has any cracks, breakages or water damage then don’t opt for selling it because you won’t even get half of the price at which you bought it.

Trade It In

iPhone trade in is pretty common nowadays, you can easily trade your phone for cash, gift cards or even store credit to trade your iPhone. The best part is that if your phone is in less than a great condition even then there are companies that will be ready to take your phone and trade it for another one. It’s all about the research you make before opting for trading. If you are willing to give up a little profit for peace of mind then trading is a way better option than selling your iPhone.

This is how you can trade or sell your iPhone. In the end, it all falls back to the condition of your iPhone, if it’s good then you’ll surely get a good price for it but if it needs to be fixed then get it fixed first and then buy the phone that you want for yourself.

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