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Sony is adding 1440p gaming support on the PS5

But it’s currently only available for approved beta testers.

can the playstation 5 lay on its side
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4K gaming has been one of the major selling points for the latest generation of gaming consoles. But it seems like the console industry essentially skipped 1440p gaming.

That is until the latest beta update brings 1440p gaming to the PS5.

Sony has seemingly been listening to gamer feedback looking for 1440p console gaming. The company’s latest beta software update adds 1440p gaming support for those games that don’t look quite right in 4K.

In games that have 1440p support, you can have native 1440p output to your supported monitor or TV. And for games that support higher resolutions, like 4K, you can improve anti-aliasing by supersampling down to 1440p.

Image: PlayStation

This PS5 update includes some additional features

The software beta also includes a couple of other extra features. A new gameslists feature in your games library lets you organize your games in up to 15 categories, with up to 100 games per list.

The update also includes a new feature that lets you test 3D versus stereo audio in your headset. And there’s a new resume feature that lets you pick up where you left off in games.

Finally, there are new social features, such as requesting a screen-share from friends so you can see their gameplay. There are also new joinable game notifications and new ways to message your friends on the console.

ps5 join game notification
Image: PlayStation

This update is currently only available to PS5 software beta testers on an invite-only basis.

Of course, the company’s plan is to release these new features to the public soon. But there’s no guarantee that any or all of these features will make their way to an official PS5 software build in the future.

As long as the features work as intended, however, there’s a good chance that these new features, including 1440p gaming, will be coming to all PS5 gamers in the future.

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