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Sophisticated hands of seconds, minutes and hours

apple watch series 5 on white background
Image: Apple

Time has always been something that is out of human control, which waits for no one and the only way of control over time was to have a track of it by making it into the most compact form; molded it into a form which one could carry. Time on the left hand has always been a norm, one that was broken at some point.

It was named wristwatch; having a watch over the running time and working accordingly. The wrist was then meant for watches, which kept changing with the innovative ideas taking over the spot of wrists. Shifting watches over to the right wrist was, in fact, a style statement that many have picked up over time.

Accessorizing the normal apparel with these differently sized dials and straps that take you along the moving hands of time, started becoming one big trend. The money you spend on this dial and strap configuration of time should have some valuable results, which these days with the technologies and built quality is ensured by almost all the brands in the market.

sequent self-charging smartwatch
Image: Sequent

The ones planning to buy a good watch would be delighted to know that these Seiko watches offer some of the best options for the money you spend on the stylish time you own.   Over the past years, the innovative ideas that the manufacturers of this product brought into the industry have swooped the market by huge sales taking place in all countries. High-end watches also have witnessed good sales over the years and the industry is, therefore, encouraging new ideas and innovations with the potential to take the wristwatch industry on a roll.

Time ran out into the digital era

As the digital era took over all the other fields, the watch industry too clutched onto the idea of digital display. The digital display initially saw the phase of huge dials of various sizes, which then took even more innovative turns towards developing watches with multiple functions. The digital watch needs a source power to run it, an accurate time base, ways to gear down the time base and display the time; this is just like in the analog watches but in the digital watches these operations are done electronically.

Watches to smartwatches and bands

In the recent past years, the concept of wristwatches has come down to bands which we can connect to our bigger devices like phones. These smartwatches have a lot of features that attract people into this, which only keeps improving for the better. All these features make the lives of the users easy, which makes people have control over their activities.

These smartwatches being not just a device to help you keep track of time, helps also the users in managing their daily tasks and activities by connecting it to their phones; uses a touchscreen with apps and icons, and also it records the heart rate of the users and many more features are offered.

The basic versions of these digital watches with multiple functions came into the market a long time back with features of digital display and a calculator, which later became obsolete. Many advancements on these watches were done and only in this decade did the concept of a smartwatch came into light.

ibm folding screen smartwatch
Image: Let’s Go Digital

Big names like Apple, Sony and Samsung brought into the game the high-end smartwatches which witnessed great sales in the market thereby proving the demand for it and later startups came up with innovative ideas into smartwatches and these too did great business.

With even the smaller companies and brands trying to introduce smartwatches, the style, qualities, and specs of the watches are also getting modified and thereby taking the wheel of technology further on in the race. As all the other technologies take huge leaps toward compaction, the watches too did the same by making it smaller and comfortable to wear.

Smartwatches display notifications of upcoming events and activities that shouldn’t be missed and all that you have requested your system to assist you through. Notifying the events and activities both through the watch and the smartphone might seem unnecessary, but it does help you to reduce the frequent phone use as well. Notifying is not the only function, but also sensing your movements and ensuring your safety this way is also conducted by these watches.

These smartwatches also support apps that connect with the operating systems of the smartphones and in watches or bands that are used in diving or hiking, the apps will be installed in a format that supports the purpose of it and installation of other apps might get strenuous.

It can also help you in managing the media when the smartphones are used or locked, where the device on your wrist can control it, also calls can be answered with these watches by voice. It has good fitness tracking techniques working in it, along with GPS technology and good battery life also.

Analog Sustenance

Image: Joe Rice-Jones / KnowTechie

Although digital watches have stormed the markets, the analog watches still exist in the industry with all its might. The analog watches have seen no decline in its business with the developing standards and designs, keeping it under demand. Even as the technology thrives, the elegance of the analog watches is indestructible.

With the better designs, people are getting attracted to the analog watches equally; since watches impart a certain style factor to everyone’s attire, the analog watches with its charming features are preferred by a lot of people.

The times are changing;  just as the minute hand and hour hand ticks to the next moment an innovation materializes and the style quotient of watches remain the same irrespective of its color, technology and size as long as the charm that it imparts to one’s wrist is replaced by something else which is nearly impossible.

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