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Spectra X electric skateboard launches third gen with swappable battery

Damn, I want it.

spectra x electric skateboard

Electric skateboards are all the rage these days. You can easily get around your neighborhood or city in a breeze all without breaking a sweat. Their portability also gives you the ability to bring them with you on the train or easily store them under your office desk. 

WALNUTT is one company leading the scene of electric skateboards. In 2017, they launched their Spectra Skateboard to the world and ever since, they’ve been making updates to create the ultimate electric board. 

Now, they’re ready to unveil their latest skateboard to the world – the Spectra X. This board brings all of the features you’d want together, making it a clear choice between the many skateboards available on the market. 

The primary new feature of Spectra X is the swappable battery. Each battery gets a range of 4.3 miles, but now you can double that by bringing an extra battery along. One cool feature of Spectra X is its anti-theft GPS location tracking that works even when the battery is removed. Spectra X is also the first to have 3 ways of control. You can utilize their 3D posture control system, you can use the app or by remote. 

There are plenty more features you can take a look at on their website. Spectra X is available to purchase at $499 on June 27th at 9 am Eastern. 

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