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Spike boosts remote productivity with streamlined work from home solutions

Spike, a startup company, has developed a technology that can improve communication in the workspace for those who are working remotely.

Spike app on tablet computer and phone
Image: Spike

Remote work is definitely here to stay, and companies have accepted that fact and are looking at improving camaraderie and workplace communication.

Individuals are looking for professional jobs with a remote setup, and employers are using this opportunity because it saves time, money, and resources.   

Therefore, working from home means less restraint because the employees have a more comfortable working environment.

It’s hard to stay focused and on track when it’s easy to disconnect and do other things.

Remote workers Desk including a laptop and monitor
Image: Pexels

And since everyone is working remotely and has a limited time to see one another, it minimizes the amount of social interaction between co-workers.

However, this can result in a long time working on a task due to harder communication. 

Spike, a startup company, has developed a technology that can improve communication in the workspace, especially for those who are working remotely.

They created an email platform that eliminates the complexity and makes it more conversational.

Therefore, it’s designed to improve communication efficiency and be more straightforward in communicating with one another.

This way, more tasks can be accomplished, while teamwork and camaraderie can be improved. Moreover, this innovative solution allows employees to maximize their time and stay engaged at work.

Because of Spike’s Priority Inbox feature, the most important messages come first.

Other unnecessary emails will be presented later on. This way, the focus will be solely on finishing tasks and not switching to different tabs. 

Spike messaging interface with people chatting
Image: Spike

Working at home also means collaborating with your team. Spike has a feature where you don’t have to leave your inbox to brainstorm and create insights with one another.

Thus, it’s a helpful way to stay intact and organized while being efficient with your time because it’s easy to be distracted whenever you switch to different apps from time to time.

It’s a helpful feature for workers that need guidance in managing their tasks well. 

Apart from the Priority Inbox feature, users can also create notes where everyone can chip in, contribute, edit, and comment.

There’s also a chat on the side for a sidebar conversation. It’s a blend of email and messaging all in one place. Workers can be more productive and work smarter as well. 

There is also a To-Do List feature so that employees can schedule their tasks within the day to keep track of the workflow and ensure that nothing’s left behind.

student in front of a laptop.
Image: Pexels

Because sometimes, it’s possible to lose track of time and forget the small details, Spike added this feature to eliminate those mistakes. 

Furthermore, team chat and video meetings are available for users, so there’s no need to email everyone.

It can be done easily, especially for team leaders who want to set up a meeting or have an announcement to the group.  

It’s a big step in the right direction in making remote work much easier and accessible for employees and business leaders.

It’s an all-in-one inbox wherein everyone can connect their email apps like Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, Hotmail, iCloud, Office/Outlook 365, IONOS mail, GoDaddy email, Exchange, AOL, and all IMAP mail accounts. 

Spike is available everywhere and on all devices.

On the App Store, Google Play, Mac OS, Windows, and web browsers. Users can immediately use this app to make their remote work easier and more convenient.

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