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Sports streaming: 3 streaming services to consider when cutting the cord

Don’t worry, you have plenty of options.

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Since 2012, 10 million subscribers have cut the cord to their expensive pay-TV subscriptions. As streaming services continue to increase around North America (and the world), more households are choosing not to subscribe to services with hundreds of channels they will never watch.

According to Forbes, the trend has picked up pace in 2019 and more people are bound to cut the cord as we head into the next decade. Sports fans have more choices than ever when it comes to subscribing to see the games and events they love. Sports fans can also wager on sports and these sign up promo codes (18+, T&C apply) will help them find the best bonuses for the latest games.

There may be a lot of choices when it comes to sports and streaming services, but you may not know where to start. Here is a look at three sports streaming services that will help you narrow down your search before cutting the cord.

Fubo TV

Fubo TV doesn’t have the immediately recognizable name that Hulu and some other streaming services do. Yet, it is a growing service that has built a great portfolio of channels for customers to subscribe to. 

Initially created as a streaming service for soccer fans looking for action from around the world, Fubo TV now streams content from a variety of major and minor sports leagues. 

Subscribers can watch MLB Network, Fox Sports, NFL Network, NBA Network, beIN Sports, Eleven Sports, and NBC Sports. However, the biggest drawback is the lack of ESPN available from the service.

Sling TV

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Sling TV is an incredibly popular streaming service thanks to its nicely priced packages. Subscribers have access to ESPN and Fox Sports thanks to the Sling packages. However, you cannot receive the two channels on the basic packages as you receive one channel or the other. ESPN comes via the Orange package while Fox Sports is on the Blue package.

You can get a number of great channels including beIN Sports and the MLB Network as a Sling customer. There are also add-on channels giving you the chance to mix and match your sports channels. 

One of the main complaints is the add-ons you may need to make to your subscription. After a few additions are made, your bill may look similar to the cable bill you used to get.


ESPN is guilty of ignoring cord-cutting and in the last four years has really paid for it. The sports giant’s programming also became stale during that time. Rather than change with the evolving sports landscape, ESPN stuck to its traditional sports menu of baseball, basketball, and football. 

ESPN+ is the network’s attempt to find a niche in the sports streaming realm and it hits a home run with its $4.99 per month plan. Although it is a cheap deal, which is great, the number of sports to watch seems extremely limited. 

You will be able to watch NHL, Major League Soccer, and Major League Baseball games. PGA Golf and top boxing events are also on the menu along with original programming. Although you cannot watch Sunday Night Baseball, the service does provide users with at least one baseball and one hockey game to watch during their respective seasons.

The big downfall of ESPN+ is you won’t be able to watch NBA or NFL games. Nor will you be able to see the SportsCenter. In fact, the nicely priced streaming service is more of a complement to a full ESPN subscription elsewhere. 

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