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Standard or customized software – What to choose

Customized software is a profitable and fast-payback investment, which lets you bring business to a new level.

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This topic was widely discussed in the 80s and 90s. In the 90s, the scales leaned toward the first option. As a result of the large manufacturers’ efforts, most experts believed that standard software is the future of information technology. And the individual developments that are carried out by small firms on request are designed for unique cases only.

What is Preferred in the Modern World

However, since the beginning of the new century, this issue has begun to be raised again. This is primarily due to rising costs for software implementation and operation. After the collapse of the dotcom, managers started taking a more pragmatic approach to the choice of a website development company and software in times of weak market conditions. Now, when choosing software, you will not impress anyone with huge functionality that will never be in demand, since cheapness and sufficiency come to the fore.

Today, the main criteria in answering the question of whether to buy a turnkey solution or order individual development are cost optimization and the ability to maximize profits. Along with this, a search is underway for solutions that will stabilize the business and keep it at the achieved level. Everything costly, long, difficult should be as cheap as possible, reduced, and facilitated. And following these trends, the IT business starts changing.

Pros of Individual Software

A decision to install a particular program is accepted based on parameters that are important for the company. Considering the risks associated with that, companies present all the important benefits to take them into account when choosing software.

The decision about the possibility of ordering individual software appears when:

  • business is expanding or significant changes happen;
  • there is a new installation of technological process, technology or function, which standard software is not able to process;
  • it is required to provide full data protection or financial security information.

All software purchase categories have their pros and cons; each of them has certain places on the market. However, individual software development is in demand now. Why is that happening?

  • The most obvious but not the only reason for choosing an individual development – the existence of specific businesses, for which it is impossible to find a ready-made system. Individual software will be developed on a business needs basis, so it will clearly solve all your problems.
  • You get the set of features you need and don’t pay for unnecessary services and functions.
  • Ordering software, you become the full program owner and eliminate the need for buying a license when there are new workplaces.
  • Another serious reason why individual software is ordered – the need to provide high-grade information security. Usually, ready-made systems are unable to meet these requirements. Customized software is focused on a specific regulatory framework and on creating a comprehensive information security system.
  • Reworking of existing software has great importance, as well as technical support provision. If work is organized correctly, urgent customer requirements can be met as soon as possible.

Customized software is a profitable and fast-payback investment, which lets you bring business to a new level.

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