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Staying ahead of the competition with video software

There’s no formula to going viral. But making it happen via video can be your pathway to success.

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Whether you are a micro-influencer with one eye on the target of standing out enough to get noticed by a big brand, or whether you are a business leader looking for ways to increase an already enviable market share, you need video software (see Bynder’s video making software, for example).

Entertainment value (and shareability)

Let’s not overlook the entertainment value of video content. People are busy. They have to be on the train station platform by 07:58 AM Monday to Friday, and they don’t get home until the smell of their next-door neighbor’s evening meal is thick in the air. That’s a big ask on people’s time. And they feel the grind. They can get washed out by their day. And when their cup is half empty, they look for things to fill it back up again. That’s where the entertainment value of video comes in. 

If you can create a video, just one, singular video that people love to watch, you could benefit from tens of thousands of shares and likes across social media. If not millions. Where you get the views (that people are hungry to give you if you produce good content), your leads and sales will skyrocket. 

There’s no formula to going viral. But making it happen via video can be your pathway to success.

Video helps you to rank on search engines

Every day, new myths about search engine marketing are presented as clickbait. But why? The truth is, most search engines don’t tell you how to present content in a way that they prefer. You have to guess. Then tweak what does and doesn’t work. Google did release a list of things to consider, but that was years ago and times have changed. There are now over 200 Google ranking algorithms, so good luck trying to keep track. Nevertheless, video can help. A lot.

We know that content backed by video tends to rank higher in search engines. You can use this information to look up the highest-ranking videos put out by your competition. How long are the videos and what kinds of things do they talk about? 

If you want that high ranking, don’t ignore video. 

Another thing related to the ranking is how many people link to your content. Now, if you are going to be throwing links around to your audience, you are unlikely to bombard them with links to unrelated and poorly produced content. You will want to share links to the best content, making you look like you are on the pulse.

In short, if you want people to link to you, you can increase your chances by leveraging video. Images are fine and infographics are very shareable too. But a video is fun. A video gives you a chance to set the pace and dictate the mood. All of which gives your audience ample opportunity to resonate with your message. And at the end of the day, that’s what promotional materials are all about. 

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