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Stock up on great phone accessories and new devices with EverBuying’s XiaoMi Brand Sale

Check out EverBuying’s great XaioMi Brand Sale!

Have you been looking for a new phone or just considering getting some neat accessories for your device? EverBuying is currently running a crazy sale with a whole ton of different stuff available at deep discounts. Phones, accessories and different types of gadgets are all available during the brand sale. Here’s a look at what you could get!

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XIAOMI RedMi Note 2 Android 5.0 Lollipop 4G 5.5 Phablet $174.99

The XIAOMI RedMi Note 2 32GB 4G Phablet has all the features that it takes to be a decent 5.5 inch smartphone without having to pay for a brand name. This phone clocks in at a similar size as the LG G-series phones and is bigger than the standard industry size.

Shipping with Android 5.1 (Lollipop) and boasting a 5MP front-facing camera and a 13MP rear camera, the RedMi Note 2 also boasts wireless connectivity via 4G, GPS, 3G, WiFi, GSM, Bluetooth. Flexible on almost any network (GSM+WCDMA+FDD-LTE), it is feasibly possible to connect this to any network outside of Verizon. The 2.2Ghz Octa-core processor is strong enough to take full advantage of Amazon Undergrounds newest and best offerings, while the upgrade-able memory essentially allows the phone to have up to 32GB of additional storage.


5000mAh Original Xiaomi Mobile Power Bank $12.95

Looking for something that can keep your phone charged on the go? Well, the Xiaomi Mobile Power Bank is the way to go! Compatible with all USB devices, this will charge almost any phone twice without having to recharge the power bank!


Smart Xiaomi Yeelight $62.26

Want to add a bit of class to your living room or some smoothness to your bedroom? Well, the Yeelight is a touch-activated light that can not only set great mood-lighting, but also change colors to match the natural light of the room that you are in. With the timer on the app, or using the alarm clock, you can also use the Yeelight as a natural alarm clock so you wake up feeling refreshed every day.

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