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Stop closing all your dang apps on iPhone – here’s why

It might seem like it is helping your performance, but it really isn’t.

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Have you ever been chilling on your iPhone and decided to pull up on the apps tray only to be met with 43 open apps? You’re not alone.

Now, the question is – what do you do when you notice you still have that random game you downloaded three weeks ago open in the tray? Do you furiously swipe up, closing all 43 apps? Or do you let them chill?

If you answered “leave them be because I’m lazy,” well, congrats, because that laziness is actually right and you should not be closing your apps at every chance you get.

As explained in the video above by Apple Explained, the iPhone is designed to keep these apps open, and if you really think about it, it makes sense.

This is because religiously closing apps means that every time you want to reopen them, the iPhone has to do all of the processing to just launch the app again, which drains more battery.

The iPhone has been designed to have background apps. They aren’t draining your battery or affecting performance. Think of the app tray as a simple way to restart apps when they are frozen or having other issues.

Really it comes down to this – if Apple wanted you closing apps all the time, it would have included a “close all” option.

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