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Streaming statistics and monetization methods


Just a decade ago streaming has not been popular at all. The games of one of the most popular eSports disciplines, Counter-Strike, were using an actual game client to connect to the servers and view the game…obviously without any commentary on the side. However, things have changed once has been introduced – the platform allowed various people to go online and share their screen and voice output with an outside world. Three years later another streaming platform, Twitch, got established and since then the world of entertainment has gotten itself a brand new niche. Today we are going to take a closer look at video streaming data and the ways people make money.

eSports streaming

Essentially, electronic sports have powered up the whole industry. Until today, the vast majority of the Twitch viewers are still coming to watch various eSports games. The industry has expanded so rapidly that today we have professional commentators and game analysts. Besides that, even when the major and minor eSports events are not taking place, the viewers are often checking the streams of professional players or semi-pros.

Today becoming an eSports streamer may actually be considered as having a real, and a well-paid job that involves quite some traveling too. The salaries for such positions are undisclosed, but they are well above $5,000 level. A streamer that goes solo can pocket anywhere between $1,000 and $10,000, depending on the viewership, revenue streams, the language of the stream and so on.

Casino streaming

Even though it may sound ridiculous to some people, there are actually some people making great money on streaming their online casino gambling habits. The trend has emerged just recently and until now it has been most popular in Russia and CIS countries. The report by shows that while the number of casino streamers is little, the current revenues are quite big. Considering that iGaming sector is one of the most profitable within the online space, a streamer with even 500 viewers can pocket over $5,000 monthly.

The key to being successful in this field is, firstly, a great sense of humour. The gamblers are not looking for any sort of educational or informative content, they simply want to have fun. Secondly, it is quite a hard task to keep people entertained over a long period of time, hence every casino steamer should have his own special sauce. Finally, risking by playing big is the ultimate point – the viewers want to see jackpots!

Game streaming

While you can stream actually anything, the most successful streamers are actually the one that somehow combines the eSports and casino streaming skills. Instead of focusing on competitive sports, these streams are going for more simple games. However, they do approach such games with a great sense of humor, and this what makes them successful. Such YouTube starts as PewDiePie already have over 60,000,000 subscribers and a net worth of around 20 million USD.

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