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Syncronauts are the astronauts of the Metaverse, DeFi, and NFT realm

The Sync Network successfully completed its launch with Syncronauts NFT to join the Syncronauts DAO to plan future projects with emerging tech

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Image: Syncronauts

The NFT realm reached astronomical heights on Halloween, with the launch of the Syncronaut NFT, by the SYNC Network. The SYNC Network incentivizes liquidity providers with tradable high reward-generating NFTs called CryptoBonds for locking up their liquidity pool tokens.

They are aiming to create solutions for a truly decentralized NFT space for the NFT community, by the NFT community, for the NFT community. All efforts are to be run in a fair and independent manner by the Syncronauts DAO.

According to their website, Syncronauts are “the bravest souls in the Metaverse; space pioneers developing DeFi & NFT tools and experimenting with new technologies. They are taking risks exploring places they’ve never dreamed of – and where no one else has gone before.”

As part of its launch, which happened to take place in Halloween of 2021, 777 Genesis Syncronauts NFTs were released on the Ethereum Blockchain space. 

The unique number of 777 may have some ties to numerology, which states that the number is an “angel number” with powerful influence, as it symbolizes the universal consciousness, spirituality, and spiritual evolvement, which leads to spiritual awakening and enlightenment. It also symbolizes knowledge and knowing, gaining knowledge, learning, studying, teaching, education.

A successful launch

Image: Syncronauts

On November 5th, the SYNC Network announced that all 777 of the Syncronauts have been minted, and they were officially sold out. Each owner, by extension, automatically became a member of the Syncronaut DAO. This gives the holders the ability to decide what features to build next, what should be done with the fees earned by the NFT marketplace, and more.

It is worth noting that the SYNC Network didn’t want just anyone and everyone to come on board. The team ran a whitelist, and only worthy users who’ve already proven their value to the NFT space were allowed in. Their website states that they were most interested in:

  • Long-term thinkers and energetic supporters
  • Experienced NFT enthusiasts, collectors, and creators
  • Founders who have built or are working on NFT related business
  • Developers who have created or are working on NFT tools
  • Well-connected people who know all the above

Jumping straight to business

After the Genesis Syncronauts DAO assembled, the influential community jumped straight to business and expressed concerns over the whale group owning 51 percent of voting power, which appears contradictory to what the DAO stands for.

The SYNC Network team went straight into action, and shared an update soon after, indicating that “the whale group agrees that it’s best for the DAO if they reduce their share of Syncronauts from 51 percent to 30 percent. That way, they keep a significant part without being a threat to the DAO, and they can onboard new users to grow the Syncronaut holders.”

It will be interesting to stay tuned and see what the Syncronauts DAO comes up with in future projects, as the influential collective will undoubtedly break new grounds across numerous sectors through their projects.

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