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  • cujo smart firewall cujo smart firewall

    Review: CUJO Smart Internet Firewall

    CUJO is a smart firewall for the connected home, designed to bring business-level security to the home network.

  • eachine pocket drone eachine pocket drone

    Review: Eachine E52 Pocket Drone

    If you like crashing a lot, this is the drone for you.

  • charging station dock charging station dock

    This beast of a charging station packs 10-USB ports

    If you ever find yourself looking for more USB ports to charge your stuff, this charging station is all you need.

  • CTLpower bluetooth speaker CTLpower bluetooth speaker

    This $27 CTLpower Bluetooth speaker is perfect for the outdoors

    You won't get a ton of bass with this Bluetooth speaker, but that's what makes it perfect for outdoor listening.

  • Nest Thermostat E Nest Thermostat E

    Nest is launching a new and cheaper smart thermostat this week

    This is Nest's first thermostat launch since 2011.

  • echo-dot-amazon echo-dot-amazon

    You can now synchronize music across all of your Amazon Echo devices


  • august-smart-lock august-smart-lock

    How to prep your home for vacation absence

    If you're going on vacation soon and leaving an empty home behind, here are some helpful products to help you prep...

  • roccat-sova-2 roccat-sova-2

    Review: Roccat Sova – Seated bliss

    While the Roccat Sova is a nice piece of tech, it really only fits a certain niche of users.

  • snapchat spectacles snapchat spectacles

    Amazon is now selling Snapchat Spectacles

    You didn't ask for it, but Snapchat did it anyways. You can now buy Snapchat Spectacles via Amazon along with 2-day...

  • seedo seedo

    Seedo is a fully automatic grow box that does all the leg work for you

    Take your plants out of that spare closet and put them in this.

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