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Talk of the town: 4 show-stopping event promotion tips

Planning an event for your business? Your event promotion plan can turn it into a huge success or a complete flop. Use these tips to get on the right track.

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84% of senior leadership in businesses support the employment of in-person event marketing. Nearly half of that 84% believes the medium is a critical marketing tool to reach company objectives. 

If your business isn’t utilizing event promotion as a helpful strategy, it should be. 

Companies who use event marketing see a sizable increase in sales and revenue. They generate more leads, seeing event attendees are prime prospects for new customers. This type of promotion also increases brand awareness.

Customers and prospective buyers get an opportunity to interact with your brand. If you’re planning an event for your business, you need to continue reading. Use these tips to help your event promotion plan turn it into a huge success. 

Blog Event Promotion

77% of users on the internet read blogs. That’s about 2.3 billion people, considering more than three billion worldwide surf the internet every day. 

Blogging about your event gives it the potential to reach billions of prospects.

Putting your event details in a blog helps your company humanize its brand. The internet doesn’t have a meter on personalization. So your blog posts can get as personal as you need them to be.

When you show the personal side of your business, you touch on the concerns of customers and prospects. People show up when they know you care. They buy your products when they know you have a passion for what they believe in.

Utilize Social Media

Hashtags, likes, and shares are free marketing tools to help promote any planned event. Place your event on social media.

Apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter allow businesses to run promotions. These promotions have the potential to reach hundreds of millions of new customers. To cut down on costs, users can create free hashtags to boost recognition of an ad or event.

Hashtags work like internet anchors. That old-fashioned pound sign keeps an event or subject current and on people’s minds. 

Likes and shares are also influential. People trust their online circle. When they notice someone in their internet family share something, they’re apt to share it as well. 

Use the Right Software

Cheesy flyers end up in the trash or on the Do Not Click list. Don’t do that to your business.  Spend the money on a reliable piece of software and watch your ROI soar.

The right software helps you create and present professional-level correspondence. For example, Adobe has event flyer templates that range from old-fashioned to modern. But, all-in-all they’re beautiful models that give off a business-like presentation.

Make Your Tickets Accessible

Customers don’t like clicking a million times to get what they want. If you want people to show up, make the tickets easy to access. 

On your website, create a tab for tickets and follow the tradition cart route for checkout. When you send out blog posts, include a direct link to tickets. And, on your social media accounts, place a link in your bios to purchase tickets.

If you have an app, send out blasts with a one-click process to get tickets. Keep the buying process plain and simple.

Promote an Event

Your business can make its event promotion a huge success or turn it into a colossal flop. Before creating the next marketing plan, execute the right tips. Make an effect to use contemporary channels and modern ideas to make the event a success. Take design to the next level by taking advantage of our development tools here. 

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