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TCL 10L and 10 Pro review: Great value mid-range Android smartphones for the UK

So, depending on the budget you are comfortable at spending, you get to choose any model that seems to work out for you.

tcl 10l smartphone screen
Image: Matt Hughes / KnowTechie

Smartphones are technologies of an evolving kind. No matter how many smartphones you already own, you will still come up with a new one with additional features, which your existing ones don’t have.

TCL is a company, which may not be as popular as Samsung or Apple for smartphone, but is now making its way to the top with its mid-ranging Android smartphones for UK people. The outstanding TOL and TCL 10 Pro are some of the best mid-ranging options for you to try if you are looking for a feature-loaded smartphone within your tight budget plan.

The design and hardware to cover:

It is time to give props to TCL for making unique design language for the 10 series model. It started with Plex, which first boasted this idea of horizontal “camera band,” at the back of the phone. These models from 10 series will feature lenses in the back from three to four and will carry more than two LED flash modules that bookend cameras. Both these handsets will share the same button and port layout. But that’s the end of the similarities between TCL Pro and 10L. 

  • The 10L model will have a molded plastic frame, which is proficiently squeezed between flat glass screens. It comes with the striking curved edge acrylic back too. Furthermore, this phone has 6.53 inches of screen with a 1090p LCD backdrop and 16MP punch-hole selfies camera. 
  • Moreover, the 10L model will have a rear band camera, which looks more like a pod, and it will stick out straight. Moreover, it is the home to 48MP main shooter. Along with that, the phone has an ultra-wide angle, depth sensor, and macro for making the perfect photos.
  • The TCL 10 Pro will have microSD or SIM tray, which is well located right next to Smart Key, on the phone’s left side. 
  • Then you have the 10Pro, which is also a premium glass option with aluminum placed with curved edges back and front. It has 6.47 inches of AMOLED screen with a 1080p resolution with a “waterfall” display. It has teardrop notch for 24MP selfies camera.
  • The shooters in the Pro model are mounted within the camera band, and the flash modules are protruding a bit. This section comprises of an ultra-wide-angle, 64MP main camera, macro lens and low lighting shooter as well.
  • The Pro’s SIM is located at the bottom, and next to the Type C USB Connector. It even comprises of IR transmitter, which is located next to the 3.5mm headphone jack at the top. The handsets have programmable Smart Key on the left side and with a power button. It even has a volume rocker on the right and secondary mic on top. 

The display quality to die for:

TCL phones are mostly known for their promising displays. The 10L will have 6.53 inches of FHD+ screen and comes with LCDs, which are entirely flat. It comprises of smaller bezels apart from the chin at the bottom. The selfies camera comes with a punch hole in the top left corner. This phone happens to house a modern and fresh appearance.

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The 10 Pro will have 6.47 inches of FHD+ screen with AMOLED Panel and curved edges. Even though some people like the “waterfall” display, but it has mixed reviews from users. The bezels over here are kept slim and bottom chin to a minimum. The selfies camera of this phone comes with a teardrop notch, located at the top of the panel. This model is known for its vivid colours, nice screen and good viewing angles. Moreover, it is pretty bright even in direct sunlight, which is no doubt, a plus point!

Choose any one you like!

Both the 10L and 10 Pro will have NXTVISION engine, which is a perfect addition from TCL house. It will combine chip from Pixel works and with proprietary algorithms. These combinations help in optimizing display for the perfect media consumption. It can further convert any of the standardized dynamic range to its HDR value. Even the 10 Pro’s current display remains HDR10 complaint.

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So, depending on the budget you are comfortable at spending, you get to choose any model that seems to work out for you. Multiple options are available, but these two products are now leading the chart of the smartphone.

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