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Tech gifts for the special woman in your life

Happy shopping!

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Buying gifts for anyone can be a tricky business, especially if choosing great gifts isn’t something you’re particularly great at. Buying tech gifts for the special woman in your life can be an even trickier business since there are so many options you’d have to narrow down from.

To save you loads of time and also prevent you from throwing your money at something that may not be a cutting-edge tech gift, we’ve put together a shortlist of what we think are the best 5 tech gifts you can get for the woman in your life! Let’s get right into it.

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Smart Jewellery

When jewelry is one of the best gifts you can get a loved one, smart jewelry is the next best thing you can get a woman who’s into such gifts! There are a number of options in the smart jewelry section which aren’t limited to just jewelry but include other wearables such as smartwatches too. You can also consider buying smart pendants which are quite similar to smartwatches, except they can be worn around the neck. 

Smart clutches with attached speakers are also a fun and adventurous option you can consider investing in! Pair this with a bouquet of flowers and you’re bound to sweep anyone off their feet! Oh, and if you’re wondering where you can buy great flowers online, check out the Bouqs for a large variety of flowers and cheap flower delivery options to choose from.

Ebook Readers

Is your woman an avid reader? Then there’s no better option than getting her an EReader if she doesn’t already own one. There are numerous Ebook Readers out there in the market right now, given that an increasing number of people are preferring to go digital with their libraries during the pandemic, especially since most of the public libraries and bookstores were shut down for quite a bit.

Also, you can just pick the latest version of the kindle if you don’t want to spend much time finding a better reader. We promise you that there’s no quicker way to a woman’s heart than showing your love through a book, or in this case, a million books!

Light Therapy Alarm Clock

This is one present that your loved one wouldn’t have expected but would definitely love to have, especially if she’s an early riser. Light therapy alarm clocks are used to shine a wake-up light in the morning, instead of jarring alarms that could affect the way people wake up, especially if the sound is too loud and stress-inducing. Instead, these alarm clocks focus on simulating the sunrise by gradually increasing the brightness of the light as the alarm time gets closer.

Additionally, she can also opt to add “nature sounds” along with the light to make sure she wakes up. Another perk of this gift is that she can use it as a bedside lamp to read or relax with before she hits bed each night. It’s a pretty amazing deal if you ask us!

Wireless Earbuds

With work from home becoming the new normal, it’s a great idea to invest in work-related tech gifts that your special one might be in need of at the moment. Wireless earbuds are a pretty great buy for anyone who has to attend numerous meetings online each week, so if she hasn’t already got a pair of these for herself, she’s definitely going to be psyched when you do!

Smart Mirrors

Everyone knows that women love having vanity mirrors, ideally placed in a well-lit area to make it easier during morning makeup routines. Smart mirrors are now in vogue with a number of women loving the extra light and calming music that helps make their makeup routines more fun than usual. If your special woman loves her makeup and skincare routine, then you definitely want to make her life better with one of these amazing luxuries! Happy shopping!

And no judgment here, but if your special lady is a dog or cat, it’s certainly worth looking over our 2021 gift guide for pets.

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