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Tech Hangover: Chinese hackers were responsible for that massive Equifax data breach

Meanwhile, I’m still trying to figure out the password to an old Hotmail account.

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Image: KnowTechie

We get it, you have a life. There’s no way you can read all of the day’s news in one single shot, let alone visit every web page, which is why we’re here to help. Well, sort of.

There’s a ton of tech news we weren’t able to cover throughout the day (hey, give us a break, we’re a small independent outfit), so to help you stay up to speed with everything we didn’t get to, we rounded up some of the biggest stories, which should help you keep up to date. Hence the tech hangover. 

Here’s some tech news you probably missed out on today (and when we say you, we mean us, but also…you).

DOJ charges four China-backed hackers with Equifax breach

Equifax breach ftc

Image: Politico

“Four members of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army are alleged to have hacked Equifax’s computer systems and commit economic espionage… these thefts can feed China’s development of artificial intelligence tools.”—AG Barr

U.S. prosecutors have charged four Chinese military hackers over the 2017 cyberattack at Equifax,  which resulted in a data breach involving more than 147 million credit reports. – TechCrunch

Amazon wants to question Trump after losing $10 billion Pentagon cloud contract 

Donald trump twitter google left leaning

Image: ABC News / Getty Images

I wonder how much luck Amazon is going to have with this. If I were a betting man, this is never going to happen.

Amazon is seeking to depose President Donald Trump, Defense Secretary Mark Esper and former Defense Secretary James Mattis over a $10 billion Pentagon cloud contract awarded to Microsoft. – CNBC

Yahoo and Tumblr lost 33% of their web traffic in the past several years

Tumblr nsfw ban

Image: The Independent

RIP to all that sweet engagement.

If there were any major sites that took a web traffic pummeling in 2019 it was Yahoo and Tumblr. That’s according to a new report from SimilarWeb. The report looks back on key web trends in 2019. Among those trends were some pretty bad news for some sites. – Fast Company

Nikola teases an electric pickup with 600 miles of range 

Badger 01. 0

Image: The Verge

God damn, that’s a lot of range for an electric pick up truck. Do us all a favor and start making these things right now.

Nikola Corporation, an Arizona-based startup that’s working on zero-emission big rigs, just announced that it’s following Tesla, Rivian, Ford, and General Motors into the electric pickup market with a truck called the Badger. – The Verge

I Tried Not to Cum While Playing the Adult Games Advertised on Pornhub 

Porn hub

Image: Angus Mordant/New York Daily News

This is a fascinating read. Try not to ejaculate while reading it. Here’s an excerpt:

I spend a lot of time looking at Pornhub for my job, and there’s one type of ad on the site that I can’t get out of my head. The visuals change, but the copy is often the same, presenting me with a kind of challenge or dare, perhaps with a hint of hostility: “Try not to cum while playing this game.” – Motherboard

And in just case you missed some of our stuff earlier, here’s what you may have missed:

Notable Mentions

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