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Tech is revolutionizing wedding proposals and engagement rings

Here are some of the ways technology has changed the way people search for engagement rings and how they propose.

tech wedding proposal

Technology is changing many aspects of society, including engagement rings and how people propose. In the near future, it will be hard to imagine a time when people didn’t use technology to enhance the engagement experience. The following are some ways tech is changing this world.

Video Proposal Rising

Perhaps one of the most popular ways this world has changed deals with the video proposal. People are now staging proposals using professional videographers or amateurs to ensure that the moment is captured on video. The video is reviewed, edited, and usually posted online unless the answer is no. The videos are touching and have been getting more and more elaborate as time moves on. Some of these videos go viral, which is part of the reason they are so popular.

Reactionary Proposal Coming

Speaking about video proposals, another technology may be changing the way these videos are filmed. For the most part, these proposals have been filmed from a considerable distance to ensure that the moment is a surprise, but a new smartphone box will change that. The box conspicuously holds a smartphone and the engagement ring. The person popping the question can press a button, and the ring pops up. The position of the ring is perfect so that the entire moment can be captured in close proximity, which can be edited into the rest of the video if you are using other video equipment to film from afar.

More Choices Than Before

Another thing that has changed due to technology is variety. Most people only had a few choices when it came to engagement rings depending where they lived, but the Internet has changed that. People can search online for engagement rings, which means that you have a lot more choices than you would in a regular brick and mortar jewelry store. The only thing that you have to worry about is making sure you learn a thing or two about online scams since you are not an expert on engagement rings or diamonds.

Diamonds Are Becoming Traceable

Many people, especially millennials, want to know where their diamonds are coming from to make sure they were ethically sourced. At some diamond mines, work conditions are brutal, which is something conscious people want to take a stand against. Some jewelry stores had certificates. The problem is these certificates were not too reliable, but blockchain technology is changing that. The blockchain technology is going to replace certificates. It is going to gather information from precious metal suppliers, refiners, and any others to help customers track their diamonds. This ensures the diamond is sourced ethically and is authentic.

Affordable and Definitely Ethical

Diamonds have been traditionally mined, but that has changed with the introduction of lab-created diamonds. For the most part, these diamonds were not favored, but young people are starting to find them alluring because they know these were ethically produced. The other reason some people are loving lab-created diamonds is that they are considerably cheaper than natural diamonds. These types of rocks can be customized to the customers’ wishes, adding to the reasons they are rising in popularity.

These are just some of the ways technology has changed the way people search for engagement rings and how they propose. It seems unbelievable that something as precious as love has evolved along with technology but that is happening. There is no telling what other changes might be coming, but the true spirit of this special moment seems to be intact.

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