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The latest tech redefining the beauty industry

Tech and makeup – the perfect blend.

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The beauty industry has long been dominated by huge corporations, but we are slowly seeing pioneering start-ups popping up to change the landscape with new tech innovations. From virtual try-on apps that use AI and Augmented Reality to allow customers to literally “try before they buy”, to IoT personalized skin care systems that can meet skin care needs in real-time, technology and science are propelling the beauty industry to exciting new heights.

Here are some of the latest start-ups shaking up the beauty industry with tech:

Ford Skincare’s LED light therapy face masks

Ford Skincare is an exciting new venture that is using high-tech LED light therapy to revolutionize skin care. Often used as a step in professional facials, LED is a proven skincare method that works by emitting infrared lights which causes heat in different wavelengths, resulting in a range of skincare benefits. Interestingly, Ford Skincare has taken this innovative LED light therapy and applied it to a wearable face mask device that you can use in the comfort of your own home. The face masks are said to help kill acne-causing bacteria and promote collagen which prevents wrinkle formation.

Logan Lucky Ford, the entrepreneur behind Ford Skincare, explains:

“LED therapy sends light waves deep into the skin to signal reactions in the cells. Different LED lights result in different benefits. Our face masks use red and blue LEDs; red light is most commonly used to promote circulation and promote collagen, whereas blue light kills bacteria-causing acne.”

Their innovative products will be launching shortly.

Perfect Corp’s YouCam makeup app

Perfect Corp recently debuted its innovative YouCam app, which harnesses artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR) technologies for a true-to-life virtual makeover. Users can take a photo of a makeup look or style that they like and then display that exact look on their own face with the makeup cam or a selfie photo.

YouCam also allows real-time AR hair coloring, so you can experiment with brave cuts or colors before actually having to commit at the hairdressers.

Shiseido’s IoT-based skincare system

The Japanese beauty brand, Shiseido, has recently launched Optune, a completely personalized skincare experience using pioneering IoT technology. Optune is a set of devices that connect to the Optune App on your smartphone.

The App analyses the user’s skin through an algorithm, as well as pulling in factors like the user’s external environment (weather), their mental health and menstrual cycle. Once analyzed, Optune produces the optimal serum and moisturizer that is specifically suited to the user’s skin on that precise day. Talk about personalized!

In Shiseido’s test-selling of Optune, they exceeded 10 times the forecasted sales (unpublished). Shiseido has declared that they will continue improving the product in line with buyer feedback.

What do you think? Can technology improve the beauty industry? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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