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Tech-savvy energy tips everyone should know

Loftek Sansi LED Light Bulb

Between robotics and artificial intelligence, it can sometimes feel like we’re living in a science fiction movie. Technology changes every day, and with that change comes exciting new possibilities. While you may not have any plans to pick up your own personal spaceship anytime soon, there’s no reason you can’t get the latest, greatest technology working for you—especially when it comes to your energy bills.

Here are a couple tech-savvy choices you can make around your home that will maximize efficiency and minimize what you have to pay.

Smart Thermometers

Not only do these nifty gadgets look like they’re from the future—they’re so advanced, but you’ll also think they’re straight out of The Jetsons! A smart thermometer allows you to customize when and how you heat or cool your home, meaning that your energy usage will more accurately reflect the times you actually need it. For example, you’re able to tone down the heat at night when your family is sleeping, or set it to start cooling down the house on hot summer days when you’re on your way home from work.

In fact, some models are so advanced that they are beginning to integrate algorithms and high-tech sensors to go so far as to learn your schedule and adjust the temperature inside your home accordingly. Some smart thermostats are able to save consumers up to 30% on their energy bills—making this a very smart investment indeed.

Tankless Water Heaters

Unlike traditional water heaters, which require enormous tanks in which to bring water up to temperature, tankless water heaters heat water on demand using either a gas burner or an electric element. This method of heating not only frees up an enormous amount of space, allowing tankless heaters to be installed almost anywhere in an average home, it also does away with the energy loss that tends to come along with storage water heaters, which means greater savings for you.

For certain homes, according to Energy Star, tankless water heaters can be anywhere from 24% to 34% more efficient than traditional models, and they deliver unlimited hot water on demand. If you want to learn more, click here for more info on how to get started down the path of energy conservation and lower utility bills.

LED Bulbs

If there were a technology that could save you up to 75% on your lighting bill, would you take advantage of it? LED lights represent exactly that level of opportunity for many businesses and homes.

The list of reasons why LED lights are superior to incandescent bulbs is staggering: their more compact size means greater versatility; they don’t give off as much heat as traditional bulbs, meaning that they can be placed closer to the items they illuminate; they’re both fully dimmable and immediately available at top brightness once they are switched on; they have a spectacular quality of light; and, as an added bonus, they operate at a lower voltage than other options, meaning that they are safer to boot. Don’t wait for a lightbulb to go off over your head—look into making the switch today.

All of these technologies represent opportunities to save on your energy bills, but they also offer more than that: for eco-conscious consumers, more efficient energy consumption will also decrease your overall carbon footprint and impact on the environment. That is the beauty of all the technologies we’ve covered here today: they let consumers do something for themselves and for the world at the same time.

Have any tips you want to share? Let us know down below in the comments. 

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