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Technological trends in the casino industry

Thanks to technology, the casino industry has seen a boom in new tech trends. Here’s an outline of some of the biggest ones.

Casino Tech

Technological advancements are happening more and more frequently. Many of these developments have applications for casinos and other entities within the gambling industry. As a result, we now see our experiences at the casino being informed and transformed by these technological innovations. We will have a look at three prominent technology-based trends in casinos.

The move online

Nowadays patrons are increasingly making the move from traditional casinos to online ones. Online casinos can provide customers with key elements of their experience at a traditional casino, but from an online platform. For example, they provide players with convenience, but the comfort of being able to play from their very own home. The big move online is not only limited to computers though –as one may initially think. 7Sultans online casino games  provide the best online casino games that can be accessed online from your computer or on your mobile phone or tablet. Online casinos are also offering additional benefits and incentives that you would not ordinarily get at a traditional casino. A good online casino will usually gift you a new player welcome bonus when you make your first deposit. By being given extra money to play with, you increase your odds –so it is no wonder as to why more and more people are moving their gaming online.

Ticket Vouchers

The move online is echoed in traditional casinos by the move towards ticket vouchers as a mode of payment. This is convenient for casino goers as it means you do not need to carry so much cash on your person. Most casinos have implemented a ticket voucher system for both slot machines and video poker. The way this works is that your winnings will be given to you in the form of a ticket voucher after each win. These can then be used to play further. And when you are ready to go home, you can redeem these ticket vouchers for money. There is a big pull towards wanting casinos to become even more cashless, and sync these ticket voucher cards with other utilities on the casino’s premises, such as shops and restaurants.

Facial Recognition

Eye in the sky cameras are so technologically advanced that they can be programmed to recognize the faces of known cheats and frauds. A simple fake mustache will not be able to get you through the door if you are on the no play list! This serves to increase the casino’s security, as well as the safety and security of all of their loyal patrons. Such technology is making it harder and harder for dishonest criminals to cheat the casino as well as other players out of their hard earned money.

As you can see there are so many applications of various types of new, modern technology for the casino and gambling industry to make use of. Ultimately, these innovations make our lives easier and safer in different ways. And with the technological advances happening faster, and faster, who knows what great changes we will see next?

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