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Technology modern restaurants rely on: Employee scheduling software

Restaurants across North America are increasingly relying on employee scheduling software behind the scenes

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The things people want from food never change: it should be nutritious and delicious! But the restaurants cooking up these yummy eats have seriously changed the way they operate in the last few years, thanks to innovations in new software that simplify restaurant management.

Here are just some of the ways that restaurants are relying on this new technology.

Schedules, Faster

The main thing restaurant staff scheduling software does is create schedules way faster than it would otherwise take, up to 80% faster, in fact. This is vital for a few reasons: it keeps your staff working where they’re most effective, spares them an annoying task. 

This also translates into reduced labor costs of about 1-3%, which is important because labor costs are one of the biggest drains on a restaurant’s finances. Technology that relieves workers of annoying, secondary tasks and saves the business money is valuable.

Get Shifts Filled Quickly in a Pinch

While employee scheduling software makes it easy for managers and employees to know well in advance when they’re going to be working in the future, sometimes there are emergencies that require a substitute to fill in on a shift on short notice. Employee scheduling software makes finding a replacement easy.

Managers can issue a message right from their phone to the entire staff, or to whatever team has a member whose shift needs to be filled. The group will get a message on their phone, and whoever is free to sub in can tell the group. The problem gets addressed and resolved as efficiently as possible.

Streamline Leave Management

Reconciling people’s personal schedules with their work responsibilities involves juggling a lot of moving pieces, but employee scheduling software makes requesting and approving leave requests easy. All a staff member needs to do is send the request for time off to their manager through their phone.

The manager can approve it through their phone, and that’s all it takes. The days of scrawling on post-it notes or penciling availability into a busy calendar are over — modern software makes this process easy and organized.

Staff Feedback

It’s impossible to manage your team unless you really know everything that’s going on. Employee scheduling software gives you different levels of insight.

On the one hand, it produces hard data about the economic health of your restaurant, with manager-facing dashboards which clearly present vital statistics like labor costs and total sales. But it also goes one step further.

There’s a special section for employee feedback, where staff describes in their own words how they think the shift went. This combination of statistics and perspective from your frontline staff gives you a full and true picture of everything happening in your restaurant.

Some things never change about a restaurant — diners still go out for an enjoyable getaway with delicious food and good company with friends or loved ones. But restaurants across North America are increasingly relying on employee scheduling software behind the scenes, to the delight of employees and managers everywhere.

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