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The 10 best business card designs

A business card doesn’t have to be a Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer to make a standout.

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Technological trends in healthcare, have been on the rise and having business cards despite being old fashioned, it remains vital in the business world. Whenever you meet with a potential business partner or a client, it’s much easier for you to exchange business cards, unlike taking more time as you key in his mobile phone numbers and emails on your smartphone

More about technological trends in healthcare.

Getting a physical card not only makes you have a personal relationship with the person you are meeting for the first time, but it also a way you can brand and market yourself. The organization is making it more memorable when done in the right way. 

There are several designs as well as business card materials that you can choose from. They include fine finishes, doe cutting, developing a design that represents your company. For instance, a circuit board is a popular design service that involves computers.  It is printed on a standard card material as the printing can be engraved on it using card stock or metal. This and other printing designs are cool. They also show how sophisticated and advanced you are in technology. 

A business card doesn’t have to be a Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer to make a standout. In actual fact, at times, a minimal and more refined approach can just produce an as eye-catching card design that may imply you as a high-class business person or professional.

  • Aurora

This design features a botanical illustration of tropical blossom and a clear sans-serif font. These cards by Aurora, without doubt, make an elegant impression. This is a South African studio that specializes in unusual design and artwork. As a result, their business cards reveal their exceptional skill set. These cards comprise of gold embossed details and designed in-house.

This makes your card more appealing and modern to your potential business partner as and clients; thus, these audiences seek to trust you and your company. Even if it just a little or minimum grey finish that on a plastic card that has a bright orange edge, it makes your potential clients feel appreciated. They feel as if they have the key to the space ship, and in this case, the spaceship represents your business.

  • Matheus Dacosta

The business card is designed by Matheus Dacosta. He uses an artistic turn on the traditional business cards design, by adding up a hand-painted kaleidoscopic design to each and every card. Each small work of his art is assured to create an excellent impact. Thus recipient, whether a potential business partner or a client, is at least reluctant to simply throwing it away.

 Simple color palettes can also be used in the printing of cards, thus making them look perfect, vintage aesthetic that takes hand-craftsmanship design to a higher level—developing a design that is black or grey or use of a single color. This can showcase that you are still connected to the old fashioned designs in your profession. 

Thus establish some sense of traditionalism for your company and that it has been around in a long time.

In case you would like to send a deep message, it good t consider a dark, two-tone card that has a very simple font that printed on a thick card stock hence will accomplish efficiently and effectively. It drives an intuitive message that is dependable and smooth—same as t that thick card stock.

  • Chomp

This is a literal version of the business name. It is a London-based organization Chomp designs business cards with a chunk missing from one of the corners. The design of the card stock represents the particulars of their logo that also has teeth marks.  

  • Garage Culture

In case you would like your business card to be conspicuous, the use of non-traditional materials helps you to archive that. It is designed by Rodrigo Cuberas. These garage business cards make use of cotton paper stock material as the base. For it produces a simplistic, stunning design. 

  • Wendigo

This is a video production agency. The features of their business card design are terrifying. They are designed by the designers at The Distillery. These are strange cards that focus on imprinted illustration and carefully detailed. 

It is printed on the part of the wood, a feather,  and a beast skull is being observed at the back of the contact information.

  • Trick & Treat

This is one of the most notable business card designs due to its strength. Trick & Treat has been branded as an Entertainment Company. It provides one of the most creative designs for business cards that exist—the design changes into tabletop games that align entirely with Trick & Treat’s brand. 

  • Nymbl

 It’s a 3D design with a virtual reality studio, required for the project to be more accessible. It has a playful image in its innovative marketing materials. To get this job made right, they changed to UK agency Big Fan, and who came up with bold, two-tone business card designs conception this was done as an element of their branding. The cards feature paper cut-outs on the royal purple stock. 

Since this is a mode of marketing, it is necessary to have an eye-catching card that will attract more people and make a lasting impression for your company.

  • Katsy Garcia

 The graphic designer and   Illustrator Katsy Garcia used this simple and effective business card idea intended for her own brand. Instead of writing her personal information in the standard and basic format, Garcia came up with a brand new twist, displaying an instantaneously identifiable text message masterpiece. The outcome is equal parts that are appealing and awesome.

  •  Counter Creative’s

The business cards are designed to look like a typical take-a-number label.  This one of the most inventive business cards are developed by a Dutch agency known as Counter Creatives. Valery Overhoff is the senior art director and designer.  It has an unconventional shape and compact design that’s called for the creative use of the card. Overhoff controls the typefaces in addition to both horizontal and vertical text 

  • Brathw8 Studios

They are gold-foiled cards that are designed for professional photographers. They serve as great examples of hoe to match w texture simplicity and pattern. The design is carefully cut in a certain pattern at the center, thus creates a space for contact information. This is done so well that the recipient will always be attracted to it.

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