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The 3 main upsides of browser gaming

Browser gaming used to represent the internet’s most popular form of gaming at one point. But it’s gaining traction again. Is it possible browser gaming might soon take over?

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Browser gaming represents one of the oldest forms of online gaming. For many people, it represents the gateway into the gaming world thanks to its wide access and countless beginner upsides. Many beginner gamers make use of browser gaming to hone their skills before utilizing a more professional platform such as a gaming computer or console.

The popularity of these games fluctuated throughout the years as a result of their simpler graphics, and the creation of better games. However, browser gaming comes with three main upsides that some of the other forms might not feature.

Cross-Platform Capabilities

When it comes to the cross-platform aspect of gaming, the browser form holds the upper hand over all others. The browser-based games built are accessible from any browsing device that has access to the internet. If you can run them on your PC, you can also do that on your laptop and even your tablet.

Browser games might not come in the best format for mobile platforms but they still represent an option for enthusiasts. These types of games are built similarly to mobile apps. Fortunately, different from Android and iOS-based apps, browser games are available on all phones and tablets.

Such games excel when you take into consideration the limited nature of other types of games that are tied down to a single operating system or gaming console. They can be easily accessed from Windows, Mac or even Linux without requiring any extra developments.

On platforms such as Linux, where the access to quality games is quite limited, browser games can prove to be very useful. Linux users can have access to countless browser games that can satisfy their desire for online entertainment. Although their format is simpler, they represent a great option on a platform where gaming is unavailable.

Widely Accessible

The cross-platform aspect mentioned above turns this type of gaming in a hugely-accessible form of online entertainment. As the browser games can be accessed from any device and any operating system, they can tap into an immense pool of players. Gaming consoles and gaming PCs are limited only to those users that own such a device. Whereas, for browser games, all of the internet users represent potential players.

These games are most of the times free of charge, enabling everybody to play them. They also give gaming access to users that own less-powerful devices such as an older laptop or PC. People with such devices can play resource-effective games like the casino ones. Casino games are available from all browsers, requiring no additional downloads.

The accessibility of casino games and the smart way they are built-in makes them perfect options for internet users. Moreover, a casino such as the Gametwist Online Casino often features an immense database of games, having something for everyone’s taste. Thanks to their cross-platform aspect, you can also play these casino games from anywhere in the world, at any time of the day.

Cloud Gaming

At the present moment, most browser games are built in a simpler way to ensure their efficiency. Although this is great for less-powerful devices, it is also limiting the people’s access to quality games. Fortunately, the browser environment also represents the playground for new technologies such as cloud gaming.

Could gaming solutions like the ones delivered by Google’s Stadia are at the forefront of this innovation. Stadia will first be released in November to a handful of countries. It will then start expanding in 2020, making cloud gaming available to everybody without restrictions. Thanks to Google’s service users will be able to tap into the world of quality gaming through their Chrome browser.


The world of gaming is ever-changing, new players and technologies entering the market, and replacing the old ones. Browser games used to represent the internet’s most popular form of gaming at one point. Although most people are still aware of their existence, browser games experienced a decline in popularity. However, due to their cross-platform capabilities, wide access, and upcoming cloud gaming revolution, browser gaming might soon take over.

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