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The 5 most interesting uses of AI today

In the modern world, you can meet its manifestations everywhere. Read about the most interesting usage of AI nowadays.

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How do you start your day? You check your phone and unlock it with either face recognition or a pattern controlled by artificial intelligence.

You make a coffee with a program that remembers how many spoons of sugar you need. You listen to YouTube music that proposes channels based on your musical preference. All these routine pursuits have a touch of AI.

In the modern world, you can meet its manifestations everywhere. Read about the most interesting usage of AI nowadays, from educational programs to sex robots.

Touch the Universe

The universe is immeasurable. People can spend many lives reaching the isolated parts of it. Space discovery may be dangerous for human beings, and it is a great opportunity to use AI instead.

Thanks to AI, humanity will not be limited by the boundaries of the solar system. Artificial networks were implied in land rovers that investigated Mars to provide pictures with high resolution.

AI can also create a realistic visualization of images received from extremely isolated locations in space.

Food Industry

The food industry can be an unexpected place to meet artificial intelligence. We mostly meet AI in the automation of cooking processes. But it can also reduce the costs people incur on growing and producing food.

AI can measure the level of watering and fertilizing the soil needs to afford remarkable harvests. Further, food delivery applications prompt the most suitable restaurants and delivery services for customers.

Sex Industry

You may be surprised to find sex gadgets combined with Artificial Intelligence. You can even order a sex robot that can satisfy the needs of the most demanding users.

Sexual toys use AI to adapt to the needs of the users and propose preferable programs to deliver the highest satisfaction.


Artificial Intelligence in education is no longer a myth. After all, we study AI in high school and use AI to find better methodological opportunities in education in general.

AI offers language courses based on research on human behavior. It provides variants for students to enjoy what and how they learn.

Even kids benefit from AI in the very first educational programs, starting from kindergarten.


It is the widest area where we apply AI in human life: Understanding the impact of artificial intelligence nowadays. Netflix offers movies based on the viewer’s reactions to the platform.

Tesla presents self-driving options to people who cannot drive cars for some reason. Siri and Alexa help you rule your home system, and they get smarter every day.

What AI do you use at home?

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