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The advantages of bitcoin casino gambling

There’s a lot that can be done with Bitcoin, but the latest is into the world of casino gambling.


Anyone with a bitcoin wallet will know that there’s always something new to do with bitcoins. More and more retailers now accept bitcoin payments and you can buy all kinds of goods and services with them. One of the biggest growth areas is bitcoin casino, where it’s possible to play classic casino games with the digital currency.

When you play bitcoin casino, there are some significant advantages over playing at another currency based online casino:

  • You’ll get access to great odds and can play with near anonymity.
  • While there’s no government interference in the running of bitcoin casinos, players have the assurance that the games are run fairly – thanks to ‘provably fair’ gaming technology.
  • For anyone who wants to increase the number of bitcoins they own, bitcoin casino is an entertaining way to do this – as long as you have luck on your side.

Bitcoin casino offers players the best odds

Bitcoin Gambling

Every casino game has a payout percentage and these vary according to which game you’re playing. But, as a rule, bitcoin casinos offer the best odds for players, and this is one of the main attractions of bitcoin gambling over other online gambling.

So, how are bitcoin casinos able to offer better odds? One of the biggest costs in a normal online casino is the payment processing costs – every time a player makes a deposit using an e-wallet, bank account or credit card, there’s a fee that the casino has to pay and casinos usually compensate for some of those costs through reduced odds or bonuses for their players. But with bitcoin, deposits and withdrawals are free, so payment-processing costs for bitcoin casinos are non-existent. The bitcoin casinos can then pass that saving on to players in the form of better player odds and payouts, attractive deposit bonuses and other promos.

Bitcoin casino offers great game variety

When you play at a bitcoin casino, you have access to just as many different types of games as you’d find at a fiat currency casino. Slots are always the biggest category, with many bitcoin casinos offering dozens of different slots. On some bitcoin casino sites, slot payouts can be as high as 99%. As for table games, the two most popular games on bitcoin are blackjack and roulette, and most bitcoin casinos offer a number of different versions of these games. Check out the player return percentages on any bitcoin table game and it’s likely to be better than the equivalent game on a fiat-based casino.

Just as with other online casinos, bitcoin casinos are now expanding into live dealer casino games for games such as baccarat, roulette and blackjack. Playing in streamed live casino environments adds another level of player experience, and you also get a social element as there will be other players present.

Bitcoin casino is probably fair

Whenever you play casino, you know that you are playing against a house edge – it’s what makes the casino industry a profitable one. But with bitcoin casino, you have the assurance of knowing that the games are provably fair. What does this mean? Cryptographic hash technology makes it possible for players to check that the bitcoin casino they’re playing at has no control over the random outcome of each bet.

Provably fair bitcoin casinos have a built-in tool that makes it possible for players to check that outcomes of games are decided using random numbers and that these cannot be interfered with by either the casino or the players. Make sure you choose a bitcoin casino that offers provably fair games (not all of them do). Whenever you want to double check any particular game, you can do so by entering bet ID numbers and some other info, and you’ll be given immediate independent verification on each bet placed. While odds and payouts on other online casinos are also independently verified, it’s a much more arduous process with thousands of hands analysed per game over long periods of time.

When choosing which bitcoin casino to play at, you should use the same kind of selection process you would for an online fiat-based casino. Check that it’s licensed and has a good reputation. Make sure you’re familiar with the bitcoin system and, when you start to place bets, gamble responsibly – it’s real money you’re playing with.

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