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The advent of the wearable recording device

Image: Kickstarter

The advent of wearable recording devices has taken us one step closer to the world that we see in science fiction films. Talking to devices now is not a sign of insanity, but a completely normal thing to happen. Wearable electronics over the past decade acquire new functions such as pedometer, blood pressure or voice control, which becomes a meaningful part of human life.

With the concept of wearable electronics, in the first place, watches, bracelets, and glasses are associated. The developers of the smart voice recorder Senstone decided to use a different form factor. However, they also provided for the possibility of wearing on the hands in the manner of a watch. In addition, Senstone can be worn around the neck like a pendant or fastened to a collar or flap pocket.

The voice recorder is sometimes an indispensable thing for representatives of many professions: journalists, writers, musicians, businessmen and so on. It also helps students when the teacher quickly dictates lecturers and students do not have time to write in the notebook. And in general, the recorder is convenient to use as an organizer, recording your thoughts and plans for the day.

Image: Kickstarter

If you are constantly meeting with many people on duty, negotiating with them, you can often miss important details and recording the conversation can be useful in the future as a reminder. It is worth saying that wearable voice recorders take very little space and can look like a conventional keyring, pen or flash drive.

And due to its size, the convenience of using such a device will never be a burden in everyday life. With a good voice recorder at hand, you can forget about the notes in the notebook. It is enough to listen to the recording at leisure and to restore in memory all details of negotiations.

The recorder, as a separate device, has practically outlived itself, giving way to smartphones. However, often a mobile gadget may not be at hand, while the genius idea that appears in your head is urgent, requiring instant recording. To help those who prefer to voice their thoughts aloud and transform the flow of information from their head into a digital equivalent, Senstone is ready to come.

Senstone is a new way to take notes—five times faster and more convenient than any mobile device. Using the Senstone, you don’t have to take the phone out of the way to make a note. Record everything you don’t want to miss during the day. Senstone will automatically turn your voice notes into text and organize them for later use and quick access. Click on Senstone to start recording – and speak. Press again to stop recording. All audio recordings will be seamlessly stored in the cloud.

The device, called Senstone, is a portable voice recorder with two built-in microphones, made in the form factor of wearable electronics. The recorder has several options for attaching the gadget, including fixing Senstone on wardrobe items, using it as a pendant or as a bracelet on your wrist due to a special strap.

The advantage of such a voice recorder is its simplicity, convenience in case of emergency recording and small size. The Senstone model is a great alternative to smartphones, allowing you to take voice notes on the move and comment on everything that opens up our eyes.

Senstone is a notebook for those who live an active life. This is a smart voice recorder, the first in the segment of wearable electronics. Record everything that comes to your mind, on the go, in the meeting and so on. Just click and talk. And Senstone will turn your ideas into orderly notes.

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