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The Amazon Rainforest fires are still going and now you can track them in real-time

Logi Analytics and Conservation International team up to fight fire with data. 

amazon rainforest fire tracking real time

It’s been roughly two months since we learned that record-breaking fires were raging through the Amazon Rainforest. In the summer months, these fires are mostly intentional. Nearby farmers will use burning as a means to clear space for agriculture. However, this time it has gone way out of control. 

While the media has mostly ceased to cover the fires, they are still very much burning. This is why leading analytics development platform, Logi Analytics, and Conservation International have partnered together to fight fire with data. 

Together, they have built a real-time interactive analytics dashboard to track where the fires are, how they are progressing, how they compare to previous years, and what we can do about it. 

Why does it matter?

According to CI, since more than a quarter of these fires are in forested areas, with an additional one-third in the forest-agricultural frontier, this can cause a dieback of the tropical forest. This means it will be replaced by grasses and shrubs, which permanently changes the vegetation and makes the land more susceptible to fires in the future.

This was one of the worst fire outbreaks in 5 years for the Amazon and CI states on the dashboard homepage, “Up to 20% of the Amazon has already been lost, and researchers suggest that if this reaches 25% to 30%, the entire biome will be permanently altered, with global ramifications for our climate.” 

With this dashboard, Logi and CI hope to bring the attention of the Amazon fires directly to policy and change-makers around the world. You can check it out for yourself here

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