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The awakening of e-governance through artificial super intelligence

Establishing socioeconomic equality is the answer to COVID-19 pandemic and racial riots.

Image: Uplift

California Transhumanist Party has launched the first-ever e-referendum moderated by Artificial Intelligence, regarding the COVID-related crisis and racial riots.

U.S. citizens can vote online on the following issues:

  1. Should the government keep Universal Basic income, introduced to Americans as a “stimulus package” during the COVID-related crisis?
  2. Should the government impose a higher income tax on the wealthy individuals in order to pay the Universal Basic Salary to US citizens?
  3. Should we have free universal medical care?

“This e-referendum is our first step in establishing electronic democracy, where every citizen becomes a part of collective decision-making process,” said Newton Lee, Chairman of California Transhumanist Party, on LinkedIn:

The online referendum is part of the Uplift research project on e-governance. Its goal is uplifting humanity through digital transformation, collective superintelligence, and e-democracy.

The votes will be processed by mASI (Mediated Artificial Super Intelligence) – the first AI governance system developed by David J Kelley, Principal Researcher at AGI Laboratory.

Inessa Lee, Chief Ideologist of California Transhumanist Party, believes that racial riots can be stopped by establishing socioeconomic equality, and the e-referendum is just the beginning of the process.

Vote now: governance/

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