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The awesome benefits of an automatic pill dispenser

For patients who rely on several medications a day, managing the various pills is a frustrating task. An automatic pill dispenser makes life easier.

automatic pill dispenser
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Poor management of medication is one of the major reasons that elderly citizens are placed in nursing homes. Many seniors take their medications incorrectly and this attributes to the rising number of hospitalizations.

Using an automatic pill dispenser will go a long way in preventing mismanagement of medication. It helps to organize pills in advance and dispense it at the prescribed times. They can be filled by a pharmacist or a caretaker.

Some caregivers have patients who require a cocktail of pills several times a day. This dispenser gives them peace of mind. They are confident the patient is taking their medication correctly and the likelihood of emergency hospitalization is reduced. Let’s look at other benefits.

Benefits of an Automatic Pill Dispenser

  • Saves Time

Some of the labels on pill bottles come in small print and may be difficult to read. Especially for patients with vision problems. Opening the small pill bottles is also time-consuming. With an automatic dispenser, the pills can be loaded once for a long period. This saves time and takes away frustration.

  • Safety

For traditional pill bottles, children can easily open them. Also, if your pills accidentally fell on the floor, your pet could eat them. This can have disastrous repercussions. Once the pills are loaded in the dispenser, they are locked in and can’t fall out. Most of them are tamper-proof and can’t be easily damaged. The risk of children or pets consuming the pills is controlled.

  • Reminder to Take Medication

Forgetfulness is not only common among seniors. Anyone can forget to take their medication. An automatic pill dispenser helps you remember. When the medication is not taken at the right time, the dispenser will flash and beep. The user will then receive a phone reminder. If the patient still doesn’t take their medication, all caregivers will be alerted.

  • Improves Management of Medication

Without an automatic pill dispenser, patients can easily take the wrong medication or skip some doses. This problem can take a user straight to the emergency room. With the dispenser, the pills have been presorted and preprogrammed. This prevents any overdose or under-dose.

  • Portable

Some automatic dispensers are portable and require only batteries to function well. If you’re traveling or on vacation, you can easily carry it.

  • Independence and Freedom

The dispenser reduces the workload of caregivers and gives them peace of mind. It also gives patients freedom from having to rely on another person for their medication several times a day. With the exception of severe dementia and Alzheimer patients, senior citizens and other patients can live an independent life with an automatic dispenser.

With everything going on in your life like friends, family, work, appointments, you shouldn’t have to worry about medication as well. An automatic pill dispenser makes your life easy by reminding you and ensuring that you take the right medication, in the right dose, at the right time.

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