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The best alternatives to building a PC

We’re here to talk about the best PC alternatives and which of them fits your style best.

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No matter if you’re a fan of the fantasy genre or if you want to nerd out over space-ships and alien languages, PC gaming is the premier way to immerse yourself within interactive experiences with universes that call to you.

With gaming being an amazing way to relax after a hard day working or studying, a lot of people will definitely benefit from having a dedicated gaming PC in their life. Building a PC is another matter though and might not be as fun as playing the finished product. You have to invest a lot of hours into research alone, and it might not be as straightforward as you’d like.

If you want to play AAA games, then there are a lot of alternatives to building your own rig. We’re here to talk about the best of these alternatives and which of them fits your style best. Let’s get to it.

Buying a Preowned PC

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PC hardware doesn’t become obsolete overnight. For instance, a 3-year old PC can play most games at high settings, at a good resolution, and with good frame rates. Buying a second-hand gaming rig then really isn’t that bad of an idea. PC enthusiasts are notoriously careful with their systems, and you can always double-check to see how much performance was lost after being used.

Grab yourself some benchmarks, like Unienginge Superposition for GPU, Cinebench for the CPU, and CrystalDiskMark for storage, and you’ll quickly assess the performance of the system. Make sure you get some sort of buyer protection if you’re purchasing from a remote location distant to yourself, and test the machine in person if you’re purchasing locally. Don’t go more than one generation below the current-gen, as you’ll see a steep performance decline.

Commissioning A Custom Build

If you don’t want to build your own PC, but want all of the customizable options that come with a desktop, then commissioning a custom PC build is probably the best choice for you. Custom PC builders are experts in their field, and their mix of professionalism and experience will equip your system with the components that you choose. If you’re not that knowledgeable, simply tell them what types of games you’re looking to play and the resolution you’re planning on running, and they’ll come up with a system that’s tailored to your specifications.

If you’re unsure about what you want, pick up the phone and talk to a specialist. You’re bound to get all of the info you need ASAP.

Buying A Console

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OK, consoles aren’t as powerful as the most current-gen PCs, but they are a reliable way to play games without worrying too much about how a game runs on a system or fiddling with settings to get uncompromised performance. Maybe a PlayStation 4 is all you need to unwind after a hard day spent studying or working, and we get it. Consoles are great, and there’s quite the variety since Nintendo took a good slice of the market with their Switch.

If you’re into fast-paced platformers, loveable characters, memorable games and have big love for the Mario and Zelda franchises, then the Switch is for you. Otherwise, for a similar price, you can get an XBOX One or PS4 and have bigger libraries and better graphics. With the PS4 you can even game at 4K 30 fps, allowing you to experience beautiful titles like Red Dead Redemption 2 and God of War 4 in glorious 4K, so it’s actually a pretty good alternative.

Buying a Gaming Laptop

If mobility is important to you but you also want the desktop-like experience, a gaming laptop is the best choice you can make. Gaming laptops are notoriously powerful, with manufacturers like Alienware and ASUS ROG investing a lot in developing new mobile technologies that bring desktop-grade performance.

With a gaming laptop, you can play AAA PC games in high resolutions at high frame rates. Some laptops have curved screens, beefy cooling systems, mechanical keyboards, RGB, all at the expense of mobility. Basically, the more powerful the laptop the bulkier it gets. Find a balance that’s right for your gaming needs and travel requirements, and a gaming laptop will run just about any game that you’ll find installed on a gaming PC.

From game streaming to the Nintendo Switch, there are a lot of ways to play video games in 2020. If you spend a little time researching what types of games can be found on each platform, we’re confident that you can play amazing titles without building a gaming PC.

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