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The best browser to replace Google Chrome on Mac and iOS

There are numerous Chrome alternatives for Mac and iOS users. This list contains some of the best options you can choose based on your needs.

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Google Chrome commands the browser industry across the globe with more than 60% share. The browser offers an exceptional website browsing experience and smooth performance across different gadgets.

However, users have to compromise their personal data for excellent performance. If you are considering a Chrome alternative on Mac and iOS, here are some options you may want to consider. 

  1. Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox has been among the best browsers for iOS and Mac for years. The browser does not compromise user security. At some point, Firefox was the leading internet browser but this not currently the case, especially with numerous new browsers in the market today. 

Compared to Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox is not as fast, but it counters this shortcoming with excellent privacy protection. Firefox secures your activities and data as you browse through the internet. Recently, Mozilla released a new Firefox Quantum upgrade which is slick, smooth and enhances user experience. If you have limited RAM, then Firefox may be ideal for your Mac and iOS. Firefox has been rated one of the best browsers for Mac due to its capability to safeguard your browsing activities.

Mozilla Firefox is reliable and fast, even though Chrome is way faster. It also comes with an excellent user interface and is lightweight, meaning it takes up less ram. 

  1. Brave 

Brave is an outstanding open-source browser for Mac and iOS, developed by the Mozilla co-founders project. It is specially designed to restrict trackers and ads that violate your privacy and slow down your browsing activity. Brave comes with the Brave Rewards feature that allows users to reap blockchain tokens. Users can leverage the tokens to reward the sites they frequently visit to compensate them for the blocked advertisements during browsing. 

Other browsers in the market today allege that they have a private mode. This feature is designed to conceal your history from other people using your browser. However, Brave allows users to leverage Tor, a network that allows users to browse the internet anonymously. Apart from hiding your history, Tor also hides your location. Other features available on the Brave browser include Tab Pages, allowing you to decide the number of tabs you want to view per page. Tab Previews allow you to have a glance at your browsing activity. 

Brave allows users to pin tabs whenever necessary. You can also leverage the Session Tabs option to operate different social accounts. This browser loads pages fast and features ad-blocking capability as well as user tracking options. 

  1. Edge Chromium

Microsoft Edge is an evolved version of the Internet Explorer Edge browser that comes pre-installed in Windows 10. It is developed from the Chromium engine that controls Chrome, which accelerates its use. 

This browser is among the best Chrome alternatives that users can use on Mac and iOS. Edge Chromium offers excellent security and comes with numerous features. It is worth mentioning that while Macs come with an inbuilt antivirus, you may want to buy good antivirus for Mac to enhance your internet browsing security. While Microsoft Edge is similar to Chrome, it has some excellent features that are missing from Google Chrome and other browsers. Microsoft Edge combines the Chrome extension to give users enhanced security and an optimal experience. 

This browser features an Internet Explorer mode system that improves surfing on old website pages. Mac and iOS users looking for a Chrome alternative can opt for the Edge Chromium browser. 

  1. Safari 

Safari is a pre-installed browser for Mac and iOS users and one of the best alternatives for Chrome. The browser is both secure and fast, and Apple has improved user-privacy features on the browser. Safari is specially designed to block ad trackers automatically, preventing them from following your internet browsing activity. Further, the browser gives users a detailed Privacy Report detailing the protection process. 

The Safari browser prevents video auto-playing in sites and allows people to browse through and read content on the internet with no interruptions. Users will get a polished user interface on the browser on its reading mode. 

With this browser, you can easily save articles to read offline later, making it ideal for use on iPhone. When it comes to speed, Safari functions optimally, and it is also compatible with all Apple gadgets.

Consider Using Safari because:

  • It offers excellent password management
  • It is among the best Chrome alternatives that Mac and iOS users can use
  • It offers enhanced privacy, speed, synching potential, and a polished user interface. 


There are numerous Chrome alternatives for Mac and iOS users. However, this list contains some of the best options you can choose based on your needs. Remember to install a robust antivirus for Mac to protect your gadget and data from cybercriminals. 

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