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The best DVD decrypters for Mac

MacX DVD Ripper Pro and the Handbrake are, without a doubt, the best ripper software out there in the market.

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One will see that there are several differences between a DVD ripper and a DVD decrypter. But the programs are very similar, yet they are different. These programs can allow a user to have backup data and information for any of the DVDs and discs. 

A DVD Decrypter is a software or tool that is specifically designed to allow people to save all their data, files, videos, audios, and much more as the backup from the DVDs in their computer or CD. Many people are now calling this program a DVD ripper

The Free and Paid Mac DVD Decrypters 

There are many good and trusted DVD decrypter for Mac and other devices. You will notice that the time that is required for the decrypting of the DVDs can vary on multiple factors such as the size of the files, speed of the computer, and the kind of details that are on DVD. 

Fast computers and new computer systems can indeed decrypt movies and videos faster than the computers that are slow and old. This process will not require the constant attention of the user. Some advanced software and programs decide the files automatically, and the process can be finished by itself. 

On the other hand, there are several DVD software that can rip DVDs on Mac such as Handbrake, MakeMKV, MacTheRipper, and more. Most of them are free and open-source but with some limitations if compare to the paid alternatives.

Some of the main drawbacks of free decrypters are the slow ripping speed and unable to rip the copy-protected discs. Also, the supported output file formats are limited. 

Because of this, some users prefer to use the premium dvd ripper as it’s proven to save time and more reliable in terms of program stability, support, and video quality.

Best Paid DVD Decrypter for Mac – MacX DVD Ripper Pro

The MacX DVD Ripper Pro is said to be one of the top-rated and critics’ favorite programs out there for DVD decryption. It is considered to be the best Decrypter for Mac. This is a shareware program. It is packed with amazing, advanced features that can allow the users to simply back up the data that is in any kind of DVDs that are available in the market. The users will also be able to edit the videos on this program as it has some of the most customized and advanced features to satisfy the technologically advanced users. The reviews on this program suggest that users have had a smooth ripping experience.

The MacX DVD Ripper Pro has a faster ripping speed if you compare them to other ripping software. The software was designed using great decryption technology and will allow you to rip all the protected DVDs. It is a clean software, and you can find a free edition that is available for download. The video editing features and quality is commendable, and the software comes at a reasonable price, and you can get discounts on seasonal offers. The software also promises good customer support and care, and the purchase will also come with a lifetime upgrade, which is free from the developer. For more info about this Mac program, click here.

Best Free DVD Decrypter for Mac – Handbrake

Among many other DVD rippers, Handbrake takes a high place as it offers quality and easy ripping procedure. This software is a free DVD ripper and an open course. You will not have to spend to get this program. This software has been around for more than a decade, and now it comes with some of the most advanced features. This software does not offer support for bypassing the protection of copy. However, you will be able to get around it if you do proper research on the IP laws in the region you reside in. 

This program allows the users to automatically do the ripping procedure or do it manually. This will suit the personal preference of each user. If one is working with the ISO images, it will be very much possible to line up several encoding tasks to operate consecutively. This will save time, and each file will save simultaneously. This feature is what makes this program worth a try. You can get a version online for free if you want a trail. 


MacX DVD Ripper Pro and the Handbrake are, without a doubt, the best ripper software out there in the market. Some of the rippers are more suited for ripping movies, ripping subtitles, and other details. You must make sure to check the intellectual property laws in the country you live in before you start the ripping of files from the DVDs. It should be legal where you live to have a safe and secure ripping process. You can have more knowledge about DVD rippers by reading the online ripper reviews. Always check the ratings before you pick one. 

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