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The best free games to play on the internet 2020

Let’s take a look at some of the best free games that are available to play over the internet right now.

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The internet is full of free games, full of them! Now the problem is where to know to look to get them. Some of these free games are hacked and cracked versions of actually paid games which are probably riddled with viruses and are illegal anyway. Some of these free games are actually just the first chapter of the game before you have to buy the whole darn thing. Some have microtransactions, which means it can take forever to get anywhere in the game unless you do a little bit of purchasing. 

But some games are just completely free – either because they are old enough for the developer to no longer care about making money off them because they’re someone’s pet project, they’re sponsored by ads or the game developer is just feeling generous – or it’s a short game for promo.

Let’s take a look at some of the best free games that are available to play over the internet right now.

Old console games

If you like retro gaming, then you need to check out the line up over at This site has games from Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance, NES, and Sega Master System. You can sort the games by category (such as Anime, Disney, Warrier, Movie, etc.) or by platform, then get browsing to find titles like The Lion King for Super Nintendo, Prince of Persia Sands of Time for Game Boy Advance, Metal Storm for NES, Jurassic Park Rampage Edition for Sega Genesis, and Sonic the Hedgehog for Sega Master System.

Old favorites never die

Town of Salem

Rate yourself as a good liar? It doesn’t really matter if you are in real life or not, but that’s the premise of this online game. Town of Salem is a game that focuses on your ability to lie, as well as your ability to tell whether other people are lying or not, too! It’s a multiplayer game that works for 7 through to 15 players, where the people are groups into either Town, Mafia, Coven or Neutral. It’s a fun game to kill some time and pretty unique in its gameplay since this would usually be the type of game you’d play as a board game or other tabletop game. You can check out Town of Salem at BlankMediaGames.

The free collection at

Have you stumbled across the collection of online games over at as yet? While there are games available over there that cost money, there is also a lot of free games that you can play on the web too. With titles like Adventure With Anxiety (a visual novel), Sort the Court (a simulation game), Mobs Inc (an action title), and Tiny Islands (a card game), there is plenty to keep you occupied no matter what style of gameplay you are after. You can sort by the type of game, popularity, platform, price, top seller, most recent releases and more. There is also a thriving dev community so head on over and take a look.

The Internet Archive’s Software Library: MS-DOS Games

Here is some more old school gaming coming straight at ya, courtesy of one of our favorite sites on the web, the Internet Archive. This section of the site is a list of awesome old DOS games straight from the 80s and 90s, all available to play via the browser. Choose from Pac-Mac, Disney’s Aladdin, Batman Returns, Doom 2, Monopoly Deluxe, 3D Bomber, Tetris, plus plenty, plenty more.

Universal Paperclips

Want a ridiculous way to waste time? Then head on over to Universal Paperclips. A ‘game’ where you play by manufacturing paperclips and selling them. You must purchase more wire every so often to keep making your paperclips, and raise or lower the price per paperclip, while keeping your eye on the demand factor. It is definitely a great little time waster – but certainly not a sophisticated one – more for people who like a little like mathematics in their spare time.

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