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The best games for the Nintendo Switch right now

You can guarantee that you will most definitely discover a title or two that really works for you and your gaming passions

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If you recently decided to take the plunge and get a Nintendo Switch, the next task at hand is to select games that deserve your time and attention. So, we thought it would be best to guide you in making the best decisions as of course, the games do not exactly come cheap, so it will be a case of you really taking the gamble on what to go for. It would be super disappointing to splurge on a series of games, only to realize that you do not particularly enjoy playing it whatsoever.

Even though the Nintendo Switch has been out for quite a few years now, it has managed to really build up a catalog of amazing games that really do stand out to fellow gamers. We are sure you have heard of titles such as Pokémon, Animal Crossing etc. making their mark within gaming history for popularity, but the truth here is, there will be a continuous feed of games from Nintendo, into the Switch, as the game console has become highly compatible to everyday gamers looking to escape life and all of its craziness continuously hammered within the press these days.

So, while this is a moment where Nintendo can make their millions, due to people having nothing other than staying home on their agenda, it does not mean that you go on to playing just any game title to pass the time, does it? 

So, we hope to relieve you of the decisions you have to make moving forward. With the varied selection of games that we have here today, you can guarantee that you will most definitely discover a title or two that really works for you and your gaming passions. Make sure you keep on reading forward!

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

animal crossing on nintendo switch
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Animal Crossing has had our hearts for a very long time, ever since it was launched within the Nintendo DS, it just soared in popularity. The reason being is that you get to live out your days as this character, who is in the pursuit of peaceful happiness. You will find that even the game’s soundtrack is peaceful and calming, and something you will be glad to settle into, after a long and tiresome day.

The aim of this game however, is to build your island up and make it a tropical paradise that can welcome and attract new islanders. This game although it may be simple, being on a deserted island never felt more freeing, and it is most definitely one of the best switch games on the market right now!

Cadence of Hyrule 

This game is a hit, and it has most definitely marked its name within the halls of great games out there. It is a spin off from the game Crypt of the Necrodancer, being you get to spin your moves and attacks to the rhythm and beat of the music. Players will notice how the game reminds them of the Legend of Zelda theme, being that the game takes place within the region of Hyrule, but in fact it is a follow up and you can play the characters of either link or Zelda here-so take note!

This is basically the game that you never knew you needed, so make sure you sit back and enjoy the groovy soundtrack that is integrated with your gameplay. For all those loving Zelda and want to take up another adventure, this is the next title on the list for you, without a doubt. One thing we will mention, despite the amazing animations, you may find that the music (as groovy as it may be), can be a little off putting to the pace of combat you want to achieve. Just a note we thought we had to add folks.

Dark Souls: Remastered 

We got to put Darks Souls down on this list, we just have to! This game gives you the perfect option to immerse yourself in an out of this world haunting experience. While it is pretty challenging, you will find that the adventure afoot is far too good to say no to. Many do feel that there is a slight possibility that this game does have a little bit of a downgrade, when compared to previous graphics, but we suppose that is down to you to decide really. Perhaps it may be worth putting a few gameplay walkthroughs on in YouTube, just to have an idea of what you are working with really.

Taking a methodological outlook to combat, you will find it super difficult, that we will add, despite its challenges, it will be extremely rewarding for you as you plunge further forward within the story line. The story line is masterful in the way everything is revealed super slowly, as the time goes by. Despite this however, you should hopefully be able to take command of your enemies, as they make themselves known to you. So, sit hard and hold tight, this game will be an adventure to say the least. It won’t be pretty at first to adjust from Xbox One and PS4 consoles, but it will be worth it in the end, when you immerse yourself completely.

Fortnite Battle Royale 

Fortnite does not need any introduction at all. This vibrant world has been on the top of gamers lists for a while. With its fun combat techniques and unique mechanics within the game, it is hard to completely turn your back on quality like this really, isn’t it? In addition to this, how can you turn your back on a free gaming opportunity given to you and your Nintendo Switch? Nobody ever would. With the free version, you are able to fight in the Battle Royale, where you need to be one of the last standing fighters within the battle ground. Easier said than done, we know. 

This game came to be when Nintendo launched the eShop within 2018. While the game is free, you will need to take part in the monetization services that they provide-it would be too hard not to indulge really! Making a virtual reality that you take control of and command of, is freeing for any gaming enthusiast anywhere. Period. If the small screen of the Nintendo Switch is too hard to keep up with, make sure to switch up and play from your TV screen. It may feel easier to take control over.


While this game is simplistic and funky, it may take a few just that extra bit of time to adjust and really feel the game in its entirety. The game will feel impeccably similar, if you have played Transistor before, made by the Supergiant Games studio. This game is more rogue like, which differentiates for the Transistor game in all honesty. However, that is what keeps this game super fresh and exciting for all players that venture into it.

The soundtrack is pretty cool to say the least, but it will be a hit and miss to everyone. Not all will say they like it, and that’s that really. The music is quirky and some would argue that it does not really go with the levels of combat that are provided to you as you play. The gorgeous and unique art style really does convince you to keep playing however, as it is really beautiful regardless!

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe 

Of course, we would have to finish off with a bit of Mario Kart here. There is no doubt about that. This game series has constantly been revised, there are hundreds of Mario titles that have consistently made their way into all out-Nintendo consoles, haven’t they? This game is considered to be one of the best entries given to us by the Nintendo franchise, and here is us telling you why. The game brings back a revised battle mode, which just heightens the game experience all the more, especially since you can battle it out as a multiplayer tool too. The integration of newer soundtracks alongside old, makes the game seem familiar-but not too familiar. 

There are those that would say that the fact the game is very familiar, with very few changes, it can be a little boring and just like all other Mario Kart games. Yet, a true enthusiast will notice and appreciate the multiplayer version and the perfect interfacing included between all players involved. It is versatile, and you can most definitely consider it an evolved addition to the family, whether or not you are not entirely convinced in the process. A few games should definitely sway your mind more in favor!

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