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The best new iOS and Android games to download in March 2020

Why use your phone for work when you can use it for games?

Android and ios games for march 2020
Image: Dota Underlords

We all spend far too much of our time using our mobile devices, so we might as well spend at least some of that being productive, right? Maybe, but that’s not what this article is about. This is about playing games on your expensive phones and more specifically, new games.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the new Android and iOS games that have released this month. From platformers to puzzlers, there’s a lot to like here.

Here are the games you should be downloading in March

Whether you’re an Apple fan or prefer open-source Android, we’ve got you covered for what to play in March.


Okay, so if you’ve not heard about Gwent, the card game that was spun off from The Witcher 3, it’s time to learn. Apple users have had the game for a while now, but Android fans finally get to play the game later this month. Go pre-register and you’ll be able to play as soon as the floodgates are opened. Just be aware, it’s a skill that will serve you well, not overwhelming power.

iOS | Google Play 

Harvest Moon: Mad Dash ($4.99)

So you thought Harvest Moon titles are all slow-paced, comfortable games to while away your leisure time with, eh? Not so with Harvest Moon: Mad Dash, where you have to rush around to fulfill customer orders in the quickest time. It’s got all the ingredients for a winning mobile recipe, so grab your hoes and get picking!

iOS | Google Play 

Dota Underlords

Valve’s hit mobile game is now out of early access, with the start of Season 1. That means more content and a $4.99 Battlepass that brings cosmetics to covet, as well as over 100 rewards. Battle to be the ruler of White Spire, a city held on a knife-edge by the murder of matriarch Momma Eeb. Oh, and it’s crossplay, so you can start a match on PC or on mobile, and then continue it on the other platform. Nifty.

iOS | Google Play 

War Tortoise 2

Okay, this game is way better than it sounds. Take control of the mighty war tortoise, strap on varying weapons, and get conquering. Blast your way across the huge game world, building outposts as you go, and destroying everything that stands in your path. There are even mighty heroes to fight for you, like the Ace Hamster, and if that doesn’t grab your attention I don’t know what will.

iOS | Google Play 

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night ($2.99)

Finally, the best Castlevania game comes to mobile. Take control of Alucard and explore the heck out of Dracula’s Castle to first defeat an entity that’s controlling Richter Belmont before gearing up for the showdown with Dracula himself. Shapeshift into mist, wolf form, bats, and collect a varying number of weapons to help with your mighty quest.

iOS | Google Play 

The Seven Deadly Sins

If you’ve ever played an RPG game, you’re familiar with the whole “princess goes out on quest, meets nice boy, changes the world” trope. It’s alive and well here, with a gacha RPG that mirrors the Seven Deadly Sins anime. Go play it, and try not to spend all your cash on in-game items.

iOS | Google Play 

Crossy Road Castle

If you love the endless runner genre, you should be downloading this game asap. Instead of crossing a road, you’re now climbing an impossibly high castle, but the same addictive collecting gameplay is still there. You can even play with friends, either on separate devices or all four on the same screen. Sweet.

iOS (Apple Arcade) 

Hidden Through Time

If you grew up playing Where’s Waldo, you already know what’s going on in this puzzler. Search through time for the requested items on each map, hindered only by your own eyesight. Oh, and it’s got a fully-featured editor so you can create your own maps. It’s not out until March 12, so check it out on the publisher’s website below.


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